Behind the scenes with Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander for Jason Bourne

Behind the scenes with Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander for Jason Bourne

Bourne again

Text: Yvette King

Image: Yvette King

Yvette King brings us behind the scenes with Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander for the Seoul premiere of Jason Bourne
  1. After nine years, Matt Damon has decided to dust off the baseball cap, show off that signature "walk with purpose" and once again assume the role of the spy with amnesia in Jason Bourne — the fifth installment of the mega successful Bourne franchise. Guess who was right there in Seoul, Korea to chat to the nicest guy in Hollywood? Yours truly! I know right? I couldn't quite believe it myself! 

Matt Damon Yvette King

  1. But let's go back a little bit further than nine years. Nearly two decades ago, after seeing Good Will Hunting, the very movie that scored Damon his Oscar, a younger version of myself decided to adorn my room with posters of a young Damon. Fast forward to now, to be able to interview the man himself in my motherland with E! News... well, let's just say it was surreal to say the least!

    Matt and his stunning, extremely talented and new Oscar winner co-star Alicia Vikander hit Korea for their global press tour — sure, their respective characters Bourne and Heather Lee have clocked loads of air miles, but so have the stars themselves! There's always loads of media at these things, sent in from all around the world. We all waited in anticipation to see the genetically blessed pair.  

  2. Jason Bourne press conference

    After a few hours, the two leads stepped out onto the stage to a roaring applause. 
    Jason Bourne Matt Damon Alicia Vikander press conference 

    After the press con, it was time for a sit down interview. You never know what slot you're going to get or which star comes first. The waiting game is my least favourite part of junkets — the nerves are building, that third coffee isn't sitting too well — and it's very true to the old saying in TV: Hurry up and wait!

    Suddenly, my name is called. I was lucky enough to be the first cab off the rank so to speak, the interviewing ice-breaker. The first one to chat with Damon. So naturally, following a handshake and introductions, it took a while for the guys to set up the framing of the camera. During this period, Damon turned interviewer and asked me questions! Is this E! Korea? Where am I from? 30 seconds in, already won over!  

    The real interview starts. When asked why he had said in the past that he doesn't think he makes a good movie star, The Martian star replies that he's not the guy to change the temperature in the room... and that he has friends that are movie stars, like George Clooney. He also mentioned that he has better things to do with his life than worry about crafting his image, like spending time with his family — the star is known as "Dad" to four girls with wife Luciana Barroso.

    Matt Damon Yvette King interview Seoul Korea

    But back to Bourne. It was the right time to come back as this iconic character, as enough time had passed and enough fans had approached Damon and director Paul Greengrass asking when there would be a new one. This is despite the fact that the star had previously said about the franchise in 2007 that "we have ridden that horse as far as we can". We're glad he's changed his mind!

    One picture together later, a very buzzing and happy girl went to speak to one of the biggest IT girls in Hollywood at the moment, Vikander. She told me how when they were shooting in Las Vegas, a cab driver said that a Bourne movie was being shot there and if she was lucky, she might just catch a glimpse of her future co-star! Classic anecdote! The non-social media user was also surprised to know that the most followed person on Twitter, Katy Perry, had once tweeted "Ok fine I'll date you Alicia Vikander"! 


    After walking out of the interview with Vikander just out of my sight — not even out of the interview room yet — my shoe casually had a blowout. A fashion malfunction (thank the Lord!) just at the right time! Imagine having a malfunction while interviewing an Oscar winner?
    Jason Bourne Yvette King 

    Here with a pair of working shoes.

    There's no rest for the wicked on these gigs. We did a few stand ups outside, a costume change in the café bathrooms, and off to the red carpet we went! 

    Yvette King

    The fans in Seoul had already been waiting there hours in advance, hoping to get a selfie with the stars.
    Jason Bourne Seoul 

  3. And yes, my producer/director Paul (the non-Greengrass variety!) and I were in a similar position! Well, minus the selfie!
  4. Yvette King Paul Greengrass
  5. Words can't really describe the feeling you get just before a red carpet. You know you only have a very limited time to get the grabs you need — that's if the stars even stop at your allocated position. It's an adrenaline rush and I love it!
    1. Alicia Vikander Jason Bourne Seoul premiere
      Vikander spotted! She was wearing such a bomb diggity Louis Vuitton dress — a knockout! The Swede was a huge fan of the Bourne films and watched them growing up — I couldn't help but think about what a fantastic journey she's been on, and it's only the beginning.


      And back to the man of the moment, Mr. Damon. I mentioned that Bourne is great at languages, but that he's great at accents... Next thing I know, he's impersonating Chris Hemsworth! What a top bloke!

      Yvette King Matt Damon

      Thanks for having us Universal Pictures! Peace out Korea. It's been swell.

      Jason Bourne Yvette King Coach


    3. Jason Bourne will be showing in local cinemas from 28 July. For more stories from Yvette King, click here. Catch her on E!, available on Singtel TV Ch328 & StarHub Ch441.