Introducing the Middle Eastern version of Wonder Woman


Text: Clara Tan

Image: Getty,
The Projector,
Instagram | @lamaisondelaplage_tunis

Tunisian actress Mariam Al Ferjani stars as a young woman fighting for justice after a harrowing rape experience in Cannes contender, Beauty and the Dogs

Wonder Woman returns in the latest Tunisian-French socio-political film, Beauty and the Dogs. But hold your horses — there's no shiny armour, gravity-defying stunts and impressive biceps. Instead, we found our female heroine in actress Mariam Al Ferjani, who stars as a 21-year-old victim of rape. She's nothing like the power-packed fare Hollywood provides, but beneath that slinky dress is a woman with a fiery need to fight for her rights. Between an indestructible shield and a never say die attitude, we'd pick the latter.

Catch Beauty and the Dogs at The Projector. Check out last week's #WomanCrushWednesday — Zoe Kazan.


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