'Marfa Girl 2': Watch Larry Clark's provocative skater sequel to his sex-infused 2012 hit

'Marfa Girl 2': Watch Larry Clark's provocative skater sequel to his sex-infused 2012 hit

When we were young

Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: Jessica Lutz

Home to no more than a few thousand residents, Marfa might be a sleepy town stranded in the vast and barren geography of west Texas, but it has captured the fascination of creatives around the world in the last decade, thanks to the much-hyped 'Prada Marfa' installation by contemporary artists Elmgreen and Dragset as well as artist Donald Judd's wonderous Chinati Foundation.

For the first time in his career, filmmaker Larry Clark returns to this mythical locale since his triumphant 2012 sex-infused drama Marfa Girl. The film revolved around a shaggy-haired aimless skater Adam who finds his sexual awakening with his newfound girlfriend while getting into trouble with a misogynistic border patrol agent. It's basically a mash-up of all the tropes one would expect of a coming-of-age indie hit: the frisson of youth culture, the scandal of teenage sexuality and the drama of drug addiction.

Titled Marfa Girl 2, the sequel picks up the narrative a couple of years into the near future. The original cast comprising Adam Mediano, model Drake Burnette (the Marfa Girl in question) as well as skater kid Jonathan Velasquez returns to reprise their roles. Everyone's a little more grown up, and yet, they still don't have their shit together. Unemployed, addicted and sexually active — they attempt to put the pieces of their crumbling lives together while taking care of their unplanned babies.

Gritty, violent and intense — get a glimpse into life in this dead-ass border town in the full trailer below.