#ManCrushMonday: Michael Fassbender

#ManCrushMonday: Michael Fassbender

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Known for his charismatic portrayals and, at times, frightening intensity, Fassbender is truly an actor's actor

Michael Fassbender is much more than the sum of his parts. Sure the Irish-German actor is good-looking in a conventional Hollywood way, but beyond that he brings a certain level of heft and gravitas to his performances, whether he's playing a superhero gone bad or a modern day icon. His next role? Macbeth, with Marion Cotillard as his manipulative wife in Justin Kurzel's adaptation. But before we brace ourselves for that one, here are five, other intense moments in Fassbender's film career.

1. When he confronted his Nazi overlords as Magneto in X-Men: First Class
If you've seen that particular scene set in an Argentinian bar, you'll know that Fassbender can be terrifying. Throughout the film, we can't help but notice his brooding intensity is almost a comical contrast to January Jones' wooden acting.

2. When he played a 'synthetic' in Prometheus
As the only non-human on board, Fassbender stole the show as the fastidious android David 8. With a mop of blonde hair, glib manners and frightening intelligence, Fassbender's controlled portrayal was chilling to say the least. 

3. When he bared his soul (and more) in Shame 
Fassbender got a lot of attention as a sex addict in Steve McQueen's Shame, mostly for the full frontal nudity. But most agreed he had stripped down in every way possible, for what The Hollywood Reporter's Todd Mc Carthy called a, "brilliant, ferocious" performance.

4. When he made Ashton Kutcher look laughable as Steve Jobs
It seems Fassbender has an inner mean girl. He threw shade at Ashton Kutcher, who is not exactly known for his acting prowess, when he was asked how he prepared for the famous role. Fassbender's sarcastic reply? "I studied Ashton Kutcher." Although the Danny Boyle-directed Steve Jobs, did not perform as well as expected — and Fassbender has little physical resemblance to Jobs — he's once again received accolades for his stunning portrayal that captures both the heart and the eye.

5. When he was the epitome of brooding in Jane Eyre
One of his earlier films was Cary Fukunaga's Jane Eyre (2011) playing opposite Mia Wasikowska. Sporting some serious sideburns as Edward Rochester, he was pretty intense in that one as well. We're talking lots of spittle flying and penetrating gazes, in this fiery adaptation that brought the book to life.

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