#ManCrushMonday: Clive Owen

#ManCrushMonday: Clive Owen

The doctor is in

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

Image: Getty Images

We focus our attention on the award winning actor, who graces the small screen with an interesting role in The Knick

This British gem of a man is probably best known for romancing both Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman in Closer. It did after all earn him a Golden Globe award and an Academy nomination. Yet the green-eyed gentleman can also be best remembered for his role in the Bourne series, where he tries to hunt down Matt Damon across the globe.

Most recently however, the talented father of two can be seen on the small screen. His latest venture? Playing a cocaine-addicted Dr. John Thackery at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital in the '20s set drama The Knick. It seems that playing the flawed anti-hero is something that he has an affinity for — not that we're complaining. If you've always been curious about his other endeavours, we've uncovered five:


He has clarified in numerous interviews that he was never in the running for the role of James Bond. But that one rumour that pitted him against Daniel Craig for the chance to play the international man of mystery was a blessing in disguise. He attributes it to having helped propel his career in America at a time when he had few roles in Britain.

Close call

It seems that Craig and Owen have crossed paths more often than we had noticed. From Bond and The Golden Compass to King Arthur, the leading British men have been the frontrunners for its lead roles, only to lose out to each other.

Le moustache

For his role in The Knick, Owen sports a hairy upper lip that his wife is not a fan of. Personally, I'm on Team Mrs. Owen here. No amount of sexy can change that. Maybe. Fine, he seems more inclined to pull it off but I'm not abandoning my team.

Playing footy

He's a big fan of the football team. He uses football lingo — Latin to us really — to explain his characters in The Knick. It is even said to be a topic he's passionate about. His favourite team? Liverpool.

The David Bowie Fan Club

Back in the '70s, he might have been one of the iconic singer's biggest fans. Owen even admitted to changing his hairstyle and colour each time Bowie did. He has also credited Bowie as being one of the biggest influences in his life.

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