John Malkovich's new film will only be released 100 years from now

It'll be a long time coming

John Malkovich's new film will only be released 100 years from now
A short film project by John Malkovich and LOUIS XIII will see the actor release a film only in 2115

Imagine making a movie — ploughing through its concept, script, casting and post-production — only to have it screened 100 years later. When you're dead. And when your descendants — hopefully, you'll spawn enough for at least one to see the light of day — open an invite to attend its premiere.

That's exactly what a cellar master goes through everytime he or she embarks on a journey in making a cognac — notably, the LOUIS XIII. It takes four generations of cellar masters to follow the process of a bottle of LOUIS XIII from its start to the moment when it's ready to be consumed. Surely the rewards of movie-making aren't experienced that far away — but for John Malkovich, the best is yet to be.

John Malkovich

In 2115, to be exact. Aptly titled 100 Years — which, by the way, is really creative — the actor and director's original screenplay looks into Earth's future 100 years from now, and will only be released then. Directed by action filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and starring newbie Shuya Chang and Malkovich himself, the preview has revealed some details on what to expect: A dark world ruled by technology (surprise, surprise) and humanoid robots having control of Earth (shocker).

After an invitation-only preview of the trailer in Los Angeles on 18 November, the film has been tucked away in a safe which will automatically open on 18 November, 2115 in Cognac, France. Invited guests include the future cellar master and the descendants of those who attended the preview. Watch the teaser below, and let the countdown begin.

Text: Adibah Isa

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