#ManCrushMonday: James McAvoy

#ManCrushMonday: James McAvoy

Nine lives

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

M. Night Shyamalan's movie Split might just surprise you — not in a typical twist ending sort of way — with its choice of villain, James McAvoy, who tackles nine characters under his belt

1. Despite playing nine characters inside one man, it's not James McAvoy's most challenging acting job
In Split, the Scottish actor plays a kidnapper with dissociative idendity disorder. A total of 23 characters (with another possible addition) live inside this man. However, the 37-year-old claims that it wasn't the biggest challenge of his career. "The biggest acting challenge I've ever had was working on a film with a terrible director, a terrible script," he's said in an interview. 

2. One of the characters within his character is a nine-year-old boy
Named Hedwig, the boy is every bit as playful and cheeky as a regular pre-teen, but comes with his own set of volatile quirks, causing the female lead Anya Taylor-Joy to still walk around eggshells — after all, this is a boy seemingly trapped in a grown man's body. 

3. Joaquin Phoenix was initially supposed to take on the main role
When he dropped out at the last minute, director M. Night Shyamalan met with an inebriated McAvoy at Comic-Con in 2015. While the director was promoting his last successful film The Visit, McAvoy was there selling X-Men with him and Michael Fassbender fooling around throwing punches. "Yo, you're James McAvoy but you've got a bald head," Shyamalan reportedly said. "Yeah, I totally do," McAvoy replied. "Come over here and let's have a chat," the director responded.

4. He ate seven thousand calories a day in preparation for this role
To buff up for the role of The Beast, one of the personalities within the lead character, McAvoy had to put weight and muscle on. One of the later, more suspenseful scenes in the film saw him pulling bars apart, with his veins massively popping up underneath his skin. While he's shared that some have been augmented, some of the veins were in fact real.

5. A lot of the rehearsals for the film were done behind a screen
"I'm a little bit behind on the times," said McAvoy on the behind-the-scenes process. "This is the first time I've Skype-rehearsed or face-rehearsed...FaceTimed? So, that was interesting! It opened up a whole new world of FaceTime to me."

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