Iconic moments from the Friends reunion that made us want to binge all 10 seasons again

Iconic moments from the Friends reunion that made us want to binge all 10 seasons again

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Text: Brandon Alexius Chia

Image: Instragram | @friends

"Oh. My. God." Yes, that was exactly how we reacted (in Janice's shrill voice) to the long–awaited Friends reunion special that aired last week on the hit streaming service, HBO Max. Seeing the original cast come together for the second time since the last episode made our hearts flutter with excitement and nostalgia. After all, they became our friends too.

They were joined by some of their favourite guest actors, celebrity fans, and late–night host James Corden to relive iconic moments from this '90s sitcom that keeps us chuckling till today. There is something so magical and genuine whenever the six friends come together and we couldn't help but laugh and cry (from nostalgia, of course). Here are the moments that got us right in our feels — fair warning, spoilers ahead.

The one where Matt LeBlanc dislocated his shoulder on camera

We are all familiar with Joey and the ridiculous shenanigans he got up to during the ten seasons, but who knew that the actor playing him was just as clumsy? Unreleased footage from The One Where's No One's Ready revealed that when Joey and Chandler raced to sit in one of the chairs, Matt LeBlanc tripped on the coffee table and landed poorly, causing his shoulder to pop out of its socket. Ouch. It looked gnarly and Courtney Cox's reaction to the clip was exactly how most of us felt. Believe what you will about superstitions because this was the only episode that the cast did not do a group huddle before filming.

The one with Janice's annoying but infectious laughter

Who can forget this crazy laugh? Maggie Wheeler — who played the role of Janice — made a surprise entrance during the interview with James while everyone was discussing who had the most distinct laugh. Both Matthew Perry and Maggie couldn't stop looking at each other — making this was one of the cutest moments as we got to reminisce on Chandler's first on–screen romance. Maggie told James that the famous high–pitched wheezing was created because Chandler was just too funny and she did not want to ruin every take. Aren't we lucky that she came up with this?

The one with Lady Gaga cosplaying as Phoebe Buffay and singing Smelly Cat

Phoebe was an underrated musician of her time, and Smelly Cat was the earworm that nobody asked for but loved. Lady Gaga paid tribute to the bop by dressing in '70s–psychedelic garments to jam with Lisa Kudrow — with a twist, where she was joined by gospel singers in the vein of jingle featured on The One With Phoebe's Ex–Partner. After the duet, the two had a lovely exchange where Lady Gaga thanked Lisa for being the "different one" for others to look up to.

The one with a Friends Fashion Show

With the sitcom taking place in New York City, the characters inevitably embodied some element of fashion. Rachel Greene, we are looking at you. But this fashion show enlisted some A–list celebs such as Cara Delevigne, Cindy Crawford, and Justin Beiber to model some of the most outlandish costumes that the cast has ever worn — from Rachel's pink, poofy bridesmaid dress from Barry and Mindy's wedding, Ross' leather pants, to his sputnik Halloween costume. Closing the segment, Matt LeBlanc hilariously walked onto the runway with all of Chandler's clothes — because could he be wearing any more clothes?

The one where an off–screen love affair almost happened

The whirlwind relationship between Ross and Rachel has been coveted as one of the best love stories to happen on television. This led James to ask the cast a rather cheeky question regarding secret romances, followed by awkward silence. Jennifer broke it by revealing that both David and herself had major crushes on one another during season one. David clarified that nothing happened because one of them was always in a relationship and they would not cross that line. We almost can't imagine what the show would have been like if they actually dated in real life.

The one with Friends in the future

Fanatics of the show would have loved to watch new episodes or a movie to see what their favourite characters are up to in the present day. However, Lisa made it very clear that the show creators and cast felt like they had nothing left to shoot because none of them want to unravel their happy endings. Lucky for us enduring fans, the six of them shared their thoughts on where their counterparts would be in life today. We won't spoil anymore, you just gotta watch for yourself.