George Young stars in a new American drama

George Young stars in a new American drama


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: The CW

George Young will star in Containment, an American television series produced by The CW

It's pretty exciting when you immediately recognise a familiar face in the opening scene of a preview of an American television series. Even more so if that face is none other than George Young, a resident friendly face in local television.

The Fly Entertainment artiste will star in Containment, a new series by The CW television network about a deadly virus outbreak in Atlanta. His recurring role as CDC medical researcher Dr. Victor Cannerts sees him trapped in a quarantined area after making a controversial call for quarantine, and is now racing to find a cure.

Based on the Belgian television series Cordon, it's written by the same guys behind The Vampire Diaries. The 13-episode series is slated to air on American television in early 2016. View the first trailer featuring Young below.