Escapist movies with similar vibes to Emily in Paris: Ratatouille, Sabrina, Amélie, and more

Escapist movies with similar vibes to Emily in Paris: Ratatouille, Sabrina, Amélie, and more

An American in Paris

Text: Emily Heng

There's a lot to like about Netflix's latest comedy-drama series, Emily in Paris. There is, arguably, also a lot to dislike about it, from its stereotypical storyline to its shallow handling of issues in the vein of the #MeToo movement and feminism. Love it or hate it, the light, frothy confection has been trending amongst international audiences since its release; touted as a welcome escape from the mundanity and grimness of a pandemic-ridden 2020. We trust that as readers with a finger on the pulse, you've probably already raced through all ten episodes — and are hankering for more. Bearing this in mind, we present to you a list of films that will help fill the void as you (anxiously) await news of season two. As Emily would say, bonne chance!


The French-German rom-com paints a much more poignant picture of Paris than EIP, but contains no less magic. Filmed in over 80 locations throughout the city, expect dazzling shots of iconic landmarks such as the Notre-Dame and Canal Saint-Martin interspersed with tantalising shots of Parisian sweets. Its plot is no less enthralling, centered around the charming titular character as she works to better the lives of people around her.



Suspension of disbelief is recommended when it comes to this Pixar film about a talking rat in Paris. A talking rat passionate about French cuisine harbouring dreams about becoming a chef, we might add. The adventure picks up when Remy (the said rat) winds up in the sewer beneath one of Paris' finest restaurants.


The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Much like Emily, Lizzie goes to a foreign country, gets swept up in their culture, makes many a fumble, falls in love... et cetera. There's barely any difference between the two, except The Lizzie McGuire Movie does involve a case of mistaken identity where everyone confuses her for a famous Italian popstar. In sum: a pure escapist fantasy to indulge in with the added bonus of numerous catchy musical numbers.



It's not a listicle about Paris if we don't bring Audrey Hepburn into it. One of Hepburn's earliest starring roles sees her as Sabrina, the young daughter to the chauffeur to well-off family, the Larrabees. She suffers an unrequited crush on David Larrabee, who later takes notice of her after she returns from Paris with great hair and a Vogue internship under her belt. Shenanigans ensue.


Julie & Julia

It features Meryl Streep, cooking, in Paris alongside Stanley Tucci. Need we say more? The film is presented in a series of flashbacks between present day and past, jumping from Queens to Paris as it follows the lives of two women embarking on their culinary journey.