#ManCrushMonday: Diego Luna

#ManCrushMonday: Diego Luna

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Text: Rina Sariff

Image: Getty Images

Blink and you'll miss him — Star Wars: Rogue One star Diego Luna's been in some prominent films in his career. Here are 5 roles you might have missed

1. His first acting role
El Último Fin de Año (The Last New Year) —  a 27-minute Mexican short film — was the 36-year-old's debut appearance in the film industry. Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film at the Ariel Awards, the 1991 coming-of-age tale revolves around a 12-year-old boy.

2. His big break
Landing one of the leading roles in the drama Y Tu Mamá También turned out to be one of the best moments for the Mexican actor, especially since the film became a box office success. Acting alongside his childhood friend, Gael García Bernal, the two adolescents embarked on an adventurous road trip with an attractive older woman while discovering different aspects of life, friendship and sex. 

3. One with Tom Hanks
You know how The Terminal went, but did you know that Luna was in it? Playing a cheeky food service worker who's trying to win an immigration officer's heart, Luna described the movie as "a great story where I think you're going to care about the characters." Check him out in the trailer below at 1:04 onwards.


4. One with Sean Penn
Differing from Luna's past repertoire of drama and comedy films, Milk's story on Harvey Milk, a gay activist and California's first gay elected official saw Luna in the role of Jack Lira, a sweet-natured but unstable young man who dated the protagonist. Unfortunately, things did not go as well and Luna's character ended up hanging himself. 

5. Sci-fi start
Elysium took Luna to the year 2154, where only the wealthiest are able to live on a man-made space while the rest of the population stayed on Earth. While Matt Damon's character was in mission, he was exposed to a lethal dose of radiation which features a dependable Luna as Julio, who lends a helping hand to Damon in search of a cure.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be showing in theatres from 15 December. 

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