#ManCrushMonday: Dave Franco

#ManCrushMonday: Dave Franco

Hot blood

Text: Bianca Husodo

Image: Instagram | @davefrancotho

He might be James Franco’s lil’ bro, but the Now You See Me 2 actor is carving his name much differently. Here are five things you should know about the rising star

1. He's part of a boyband, along with Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson
You heard us right. 2D is the name of the band Franco is in with two of his Now You See Me 2 co-stars — and their first album has officially been dubbed Cool by Northwest.

2. He was quite the romantic poet
When I look into my grandma's eyes / I see the light of day / When she looks back at me / She sees herself, I hope. That was a Dave Franco original. Back in high school, he was so obsessed with writing poems, skipping lunch breaks for poetry sessions with his English teacher was the bookworm's daily grind. Channelling his inner Keats, he surprised his high school sweetheart by going around every single one of her classes to hide rose-tied notes of inside jokes.

3. He's starring in an upcoming
Hunger Games-like film, Nerve, with Emma Roberts
Come August, the movie will hit the screens. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, watch it here:

4. Before Nerve, Franco and Roberts were already an item in indie band Cults' music video
With Roberts as a manic pixie dream girl, Franco obviously played the lovestruck devotee — and he did it so convincingly, we wished there was an actual movie for it.

5. Just like our
#ManCrushMonday last week, he has a soft spot for kitties
"I'm a cat person. I have two giant cats — Harry and Arturo — that I call the small panthers. They're like 17 pounds each — they're big boys! I come home and I just find them in the most compromising positions. I fall asleep with 34 pounds of cat on me every night," the actor said, "I guess I realised that I'm the weird cat guy when I don't see someone for awhile and the first thing they ask me is, 'How've you been?' And then literally the second question is always, 'How are your cats?' That's not normal." Well, it's an abnormality we would gladly accept!

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