Daniel Kaluuya: From relative unknown to household name

Daniel Kaluuya: From relative unknown to household name


Text: Adibah Isa

Starring in Get Out and Black Panther, Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya is a new face we're going gaga over. Here are 5 things to know about this up-and-coming Brit

1. Daniel Kaluuya was once a distraction to others
At least, that was what was written on his report card in primary school. To keep him from hanging out in the streets, Kaluuya's mother enrolled him in a community theatre club. The Anna Scher Theatre school in north London is also the same school that fellow Brit and Bond girl Naomie Harris attended.

2. He thanked arts funding in the UK in his inspiring acceptance speech
After winning the EE Rising Star award at the BAFTAs, the 28-year-old said, "I am a product of arts funding in the UK," thanking those who have contributed. The Get Out and Black Panther star grew up in an estate (the British version of the projects) in Camden, raised by Ugandan parents. "I'm in a Marvel film? Holy f*ck... This is a brother from Camden Town!" he exclaimed in an interview.

3. Not only can he act, Kaluuya can write too
While Kaluuya's first taste of fame was from starring in Skins, the British cult drama about teenagers, by teenagers. Starting out as a contributing writer for the first two seasons, he also became the head writer for two episodes. Writing came early to him, from the age of nine when he won a playwriting competition. He's another Brit star who's made it big after Skins, following in the footsteps of fellow stars Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult.

4. He was discovered by Jordan Peele through Netflix
Kaluuya's performance in Fifteen Million Merits, a Black Mirror episode from 2011 showed off his emotional depth. It was only when Black Mirror came on board to Netflix that Charlie Brooker's show really took off, introducing American audiences to the show. Get Out's director and writer Jordan Peele was one such fan, who noticed Kaluuya in Black Mirror and saw him fit as his lead. 

5. There's even Bond talk about him
It's probably time for Daniel Craig to put up his Bond pants. After all that talk about Idris Elba filling in his shoes going bust, or the lack of suave gentlemen who look good in a suit being such a Debbie Downer, we don't mind waiting a few years for Kaluuya to break into his leather shoes.

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