Comedian Aman Alhamid recalls his neighbour’s fight against coronavirus by Dettol-bombing the elevator

Comedian Aman Alhamid recalls his neighbour’s fight against coronavirus by Dettol-bombing the elevator


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These are strange times indeed. Still, to quote Dumbledore, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times — if one only remembers to turn on the light. In search of some light in this pandemic, we got comedians to recount funny, ridiculous, and outlandish situations they've found themselves in because of COVID-19. In this instalment, Aman Alhamid recalls his neighbour dousing the elevator in Dettol in a bid to combat the coronavirus.

"Fear is a funny thing; it makes people act in strange and weird ways. Sometimes these acts are done out of kindness or with the intent of doing a public service, like giving out face masks or installing makeshift hand sanitiser dispensers in the elevators. Acts like these are welcomed and even applauded, because although they're done out of fear, at least they're done to help people and it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

However, not all of these acts of kindness result in their intended outcomes. You see, some people have acted with the intention of helping their neighbours, but instead, have inconvenienced everyone immensely.

Allow me to explain. One of my neighbours saw the bottles of sanitiser in the elevators and, I suppose, wanted to ‘one-up' that gesture of kindness. So what did he do? He took a whole bottle of Dettol, mixed it with some water and loaded the concoction into a garden spray pump.

Then, while wearing a full-face gas mask, this discount Stormtrooper sprayed down both elevators in our lift lobby. When I say sprayed, I mean every single wall, the floor, the hand rails, the button panels and even the ceiling. If the elevator had a soul, it would have been sprayed too! Everything was covered in Dettol.

I'm sure he must have felt pretty good about himself after spraying his load in the name of public service, but few were grateful.

Why? The alcohol content of Dettol vaporises and spreads. It feels like someone stuffed Dettol-soaked towels up your nose as you soon as you step into the lift. Oh, and let's not forget the sting in our eyes — something he would have immediately noticed if he wasn't wearing the gas mask. Thanks neighbor!"

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