#ManCrushMonday: Boyd Holbrook

Narcos and chill

#ManCrushMonday: Boyd Holbrook
Playing DEA agent Ryan Murphy against drug lord Pablo Escobar in Netflix's Narcos, prep your season 2 marathon by getting to know Boyd Holbrook, word for word

On Ryan Murphy's darker side in season 2
"I think he's an incredibly ambitious and noble guy who did something really courageous. He's got a lot of balls. With the show in season one and season two, you see Pablo rise to king status in that season one — and season two, you see him spin out of control to his demise. I don't know if I'd say he's trying to turn over a new leaf, but Escobar sees what he's not seeing before and that's his family. The coin flips for me and Pena in that the lines get very blurry, so we kind of go into the dark side, comparative to what Pablo made us get into."

On spending time with the real DEA agent Ryan Murphy
"We spoke a ton. We got to get into Quantico for a week. It's pretty awesome. You do scenarios and tactics and run around shooting rubber bullets at each other. It was pretty cool. I spent a lot of time talking to him about that, what his life was like at that period. It was very informative but at some point, you can never truly be somebody else so you have to kind of throw it away and do your own thing."

Was Pablo's case the one that made Murphy's career? #whokilledpablo

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On his upcoming Wolverine 3 villain character opposite Hugh Jackman
"He's an innovative engineer and he's a big fan of Wolverine. He just wants to hang out with him [laughs]. There's a lot of surprising stuff in it."

On his binge watch favourites
"I just crushed Stranger Things. It's got one of my favourite actors, David Harbour. And obviously Breaking Bad and stuff like that."

On whether Murphy will still be around for Narcos' next two seasons
"Steve didn't retire from the DEA until, I believe, two years ago. He was very active in the DEA for a long time so I'll leave that up to you to find out. If nothing, I think this show has an incredible opportunity now because Pablo's not around, but that's the really interesting thing. He was delivering drugs straight to Miami, personally. And once he died, the Cali Cartel who took over his power was like: "Screw this, let's just give it to Mexico and let Mexico deal with it and get it across the border." And that's the evolution of El Chapo and things like that. There's a really great opportunity for this show to have, and that's always been the plan for [executive producer] Eric Newman — it's called Narcos, it's not called Pablo Escobar."

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Text: Bianca Husodo

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