#ManCrushMonday: Benedict Cumberbatch

#ManCrushMonday: Benedict Cumberbatch

Just what the doctor ordered

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Are you part of the Cumbers, Cumberbitches or Cumbercollective? We recollect 5 of our favourite Benedict Cumberbatch talk show moments as he promotes Doctor Strange

1. When Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't say the word "penguin"
On The Graham Norton Show, the host embarrassed — as he often does with his guests — the actor by showing a clip of a documentary Cumberbatch narrated. Turns out, the English actor couldn't quite pronounce the word as intended.

2. When he imitated the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Bill Clinton and Alan Rickman
Promoting The Imitation Game in 2014, Ellen DeGeneres challenged the actor to impersonate some of pop culture's famous icons.

3. When he danced with Jimmy Fallon to celebrate his baby boy
Returning to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Cumberbatch celebrated his son Christopher when Fallon brought him up. Sure, his appearance didn't quite have the same Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-Oprah's-couch bravado, but his synchronised steps with the host were on point.

4. When Jimmy Kimmel sought out the services of Doctor Strange
Playing a neurosurgeon who discovers the power of magic and alternate dimensions after surviving a car accident, Cumberbatch easily slips into the role of the intellectual, as he's done in the past with roles in Sherlock and The Imitation Game. Naturally, Kimmel looked to the doctor for some help with the unruly kids who were high on cupcakes.

5. When he promoted his very big Ben
Upon finding out that fellow actor Bryan Cranston used to conduct video interviews for a dating website, Graham Norton asked guests Eddie Redmayne and Cumberbatch to introduce themselves. Looking for someone special? Our hearts are drawn to a very big Ben.

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