Ali Wong: 5 times she was a badass mother

Ali Wong: 5 times she was a badass mother


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This unfiltered stand-up comedian is a beacon of hope for mothers everywhere. Before the premiere of her second Netflix special, Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife, we take a look at why she's such a cool mom

1. She performed Baby Cobra while she was seven and a half months pregnant
We thought most expectant women would take a breather this late into the pregnancy, but not Wong. She stunned the audience and practically the world when she appeared on stage in a tight-fitting dress, looking very pregnant for the filming of her very first Netflix special. The 36-year-old was inspired by American singer Alicia Keys' tribute to the late singer Prince during the BET Awards 2010, where she sang on top of a piano barefoot while pregnant. "I had so much anxiety about my stand-up career taking a big hit, so I wanted to use my pregnancy as a source of power and turn it into a weapon instead of a weakness," she told a magazine. "When you're pregnant, you're hungry, tired, and fat, so you have this 'I don't give a f*ck' attitude that lends itself really well to performance. You let go of all dignity and shame, and it's beautiful."

2. She tells it like it is on being a mother these days in Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife
Wong served some truth in this performance, this time heavily pregnant with her second daughter. She took a deeper look into motherhood as compared to Baby Cobra, particularly on the topic of being a stay-at-home mother, which she assumed was an easy thing to go through during the first special. "I didn't understand that the whole price you had to pay for staying at home is that you gotta be a mom. You're just in solitary confinement all day long with this human Tamagotchi that don't got no reset button. So the stakes are extremely high," confessed Wong in an interview. She also said that many women are "working their ass off" these days to provide for their families, "combined with there being no federal maternity leave policy", but "the idea that men should share equal responsibility in child care has not evolved".

3. When she got real about her miscarriage
A rather difficult and dark topic to share to an audience was made lighter and positive in a way that only Wong can. Before giving birth to her first child, Wong suffered a miscarriage with twins. "I love the joke, but I'm also such a big advocate for more women opening up and talking about having had a miscarriage... I think a lot of women tend to blame themselves, because it happens inside your body... So I just want other women to know, 'Hey, it's okay. I had one too.' And I joke about it," she said in an interview.

4. There is an official holiday in San Francisco named after her
Not all of us can say that we have a holiday in our name. Called Ali Wong Day, 19 August is officially declared a holiday in Wong's hometown, where she received a framed up proclamation last year from San Francisco's late Mayor Ed Lee.

5. She tries to have a work-life balance
"All I ever wanted to do was tell jokes for a living," Wong said in an interview. "Everything else that has happened since, feels like free money to be honest." Wong really hustles like no other, juggling many projects like writing for shows and appearing in them. Till today, she still performs low-key stand-up shows while taking care of her two children and spending time with them, which she adorably documents on her Instagram page.

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