#ManCrushMonday: Alexander Skarsgård

#ManCrushMonday: Alexander Skarsgård

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Text: Bianca Husodo

Conquering the legendary lord of the jungle role in blockbuster Legend of Tarzan, there’s no taming him from swinging on screen to screen

With a towering six-foot-four build, swept back blonde locks and deep blue-green eyes, the Swedish actor would be deemed the cookie-cutter boy next door archetype. But in truth, Alexander Skarsgård has had his share of sundry roles that have ranged from a provocative two-timing boyfriend of a mother-daughter pair in The Diary of a Teenage Girl to a 1000-year-old Scandinavian vampire in seven seasons of HBO's True Blood. Here, Skarsgård further proves to you that he is more than just a buff geezer:

1. He does what he does with zeal — spending nine months of hardcore training to be Tarzan
Legend of Tarzan Alexander Skarsgård
The actor doubled down to spend three months eating 7,000 calories a day and weightlifting, followed by two months of radio and six small meal a day "to get rid of the body fat," he says. "The goal wasn't to get huge. I didn't want him to look like a bodybuilder, I wanted every muscle to be there for a reason and have a purpose." But, "I just missed food. I would always finish my little box and be like, 'Okay, three hours until my next meal.' " And then, just when Skårsgard thought he was done, they pulled him back in. "We wrapped the movie and I fell off the wagon completely and five months later David Barron, our producer, called me and said, 'So we have this little scene we added at the end of the movie that we want to shoot in four months, it's about a five-second scene, so can you go back on that diet for that scene?'" What did Skarsgard do? "I went back on the diet."

2. He supports LGBT pride like no other straights could
Growing up with a gay godfather and uncle, he understands it best: "When I became a teenager and the kids made fun of other teenagers who were gay, I never really understood that. It just baffled me because my idol, my godfather, was gay, and he was the coolest guy I knew. I just couldn't understand how that could be an insult." Having even filmed gay sex scenes and dolled up as a transgender Farah Fawcett to a red carpet premiere, the star has expressed his gratefulness for his LGBT fan base. Here's him kissing the one and only Derek Blasberg.

3. He knows his long line of Skarsgård ancestorship pretty darn well

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