#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessica Chastain

#WomanCrushWednesday: Jessica Chastain

Woman in red

Text: Vimidamini Haridasan

Breaking the conventional stereotype of a fiery redhead, the silver screen darling blazes her way to our list this week.

She has that alabaster skin and flaming red hair you can't take your eyes off. The talented actress practically saunters from the red carpet to the best-dressed lists time and time again. So it should be no wonder that Jessica Chastain gets the crown this Woman Crush Wednesday. Unlike the stereotype that plagues most redheads — natural or otherwise — she doesn't have a fiery temper nor does she favour diva tantrums. Instead, the style  maven is the exact opposite. Don't believe us? Here's why.

That's not my name

Fellow actress Bryce Dallas Howard can easily be mistaken for Chastain, and we know it is an honest one. So do they. Rather than kick up a fuss, both actresses take it as a compliment and have even found humour in the confusion. Take for instanc this fan-made video named I am not Jessica Chastain. The actress in question set the interweb a-frenzy when she did a dubsmash cover. What a sport.

All the feels

Actors are supposed to be able to switch their emotions and characters at the drop of a hat. Unlike her role in Crimson Peak, she is said to be sensitive in real life. All you have to do is to cry in front of her, and the waterworks will flow. Whoever said there's anything wrong with wearing your heart on the sleeve?

The homebody

The self-confessed introvert claims she doesn't stand out, nor is she the life of the party. The Martian actress is perfectly comfortable sitting with a book by Shakespeare in the park while the rest of us are swinging from the chandeliers.


Rather than oozing sex-appeal, her red carpet choices make it look like she has been transported from another era. All class and elegance, it's hard to believe that she was made fun of as a child. The taunting paid off however, when she grew to love her hair and her uniqueness. 



Chastain has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. You would think that this would stop her from having those pinch-me moments. Instead, her heart beats just a bit faster when sharing a scene with Meryl Streep. We hope she knows that's just how we would feel should we be around her. If it were Meryl Streep however, we would probably be on the floor.

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