#WomanCrushWednesday: Emily Ratajkowski

#WomanCrushWednesday: Emily Ratajkowski

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

The star of We Are Your Friends is seriously questioning a straight woman's sexuality

I remember the first time I met my lady love on screen. It was at a rather climatic moment of the 2014 thriller Gone Girl, where Ben Affleck's character opens the door to reveal his young mistress — even with the night shadowing her, you could make out the planes of her face: Her sculpted cheekbones, the pucker of her full lower lip, and the sultry depth of her large eyes, all framed by a dark, wavy mane.

I was smitten. She looked vaguely familiar — like that girl you've seen in an ad campaign in a magazine, looking right at you to remind you of all the things you aren't. It wasn't until I looked her up that I realised I recognised her from Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video.

The modelling-turned-acting route has clearly worked out for 24-year-old Ratajkowski, who went from appearing in a music video to a minor yet pivotal role in a David Fincher film. She's since been featured in Sports Illustrated in her swimsuit best, which had her slathering sand on her body and coyingly cuping her bosoms in Kauai — you know, as you do on Summer holidays. She now plays Sophie, the girlfriend of an older DJ who mentors Zac Efron's character, Cole, in We Are Your Friends, a drama about a young man looking to break into the electronic dance music scene.

Emily Ratajkowski premiere jumpsuit

The movie's press junkets are something else. Not only have the cast been making rounds showing off Efron's DJ moves, Ratajkowski's been bringing her A-game to the red carpet. Even choosing an image for this story was a challenge — this writer found herself gasping and sighing out loud. That Solace London green jumpsuit had cutouts at the most strategic of places, while the Maria Lucia Hohan dress showed off the fact that the star does not skip leg day — as if we haven't already noticed.

Emily Ratajkowski premiere

To @emrata, as she's known on Instagram: You had me at more than just a hello. At a topless bathtub selfie, more like it.

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