Why you should lust after Tom Dixon's range of stationery

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Why you should lust after Tom Dixon's range of stationery
This year, Tom Dixon released additions to his growing range of accessories with some lust-worthy stationery. Here are three reasons why these pieces are so covetable

1.    You'll want to read more on-the-go


Sorry, Kindle aficionados, but a cold, hard piece of technology has got nothing on a book's luxurious tactile nature. It's simple science — touch makes everything better. With the Tool series of bookmarks and their intricate, quirky designs, leaving your read and going back to it is now all the more beautiful. 

2.   They're really, really shiny

Cube stationery

Place them anywhere, and they'll fit right in — Cube's mirrored surfaces will reflect your surroundings and easily integrate with your desk. The simplicity and sharpness of their designs also mean they fit any occasion, from the boardroom to the bedroom. The only gripe we have is the constant need to polish those surfaces — but we assume you'll have someone on hand to do that for you.

3. Style and substance go hand in hand

Tom Dixon Dandelion

Looks don't trump over how hardy the Cube and Tool collections are — in fact, they go hand in hand. Cube's desk pieces are made of zinc alloy and finished with Tom Dixon's iconic copper shade, while the bookmarks are half and fully etched from both top and bottom of a brass sheet. They come with an endearing backstory too. Dandelion, pictured above, is inspired from pressed flowers that fall out of old books.

For more from Tom Dixon's Cube and Tool collections, click through our gallery below.

Text: Adibah Isa

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