Singles Awareness Day: A complete guide

Singles Awareness Day: A complete guide

Love lockdown

Text: Adibah Isa

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Relax, you're not alone. Here's a play-by-play of what you should get up to if you're not in the mood for love this Valentine's Day

5am: Get your adrenaline fix early
"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," said Benjamin Franklin. Damn straight, Ben. Not only can you get your asanas in (like Gwyneth Paltrow, who reportedly wakes up at 4.30am), you also get to watch the sun rise and take stock of life. You can also get pumping like Tim Cook of Apple, who wakes up at 3.45am to hit the gym.  

Adriana Lima body workout 

8am: Put on a mask
If you've recently been dumped and haven't had the time to work on your revenge body, a revenge face is the next best thing. But warpaint alone won't be enough to pull yourself together. Give yourself a pampering session before heading into the office with ANIA Skincare's new mask made of organic Rhassoul clay, rose water and argan oil. It'll cleanse and detox a face that has masked tears, emotions and vengeance. 

Ania rhassoul clay mask Singapore

10am: Write something special for your mum
You know who loves you unconditionally without feeling the need to send an unsolicited 'dickpic'? Your mum. Thanks to your very existence, no amount of kegel exercises could bring her body back to its prime. Show her some extra TLC by writing down 20 reasons why you love her with kikki.K's little jar of surprises.

kikki.k 20 reasons I love you Valentine's Day gift

12pm: Set the sounds
Thanks to Spotify, you now know the best tunes to listen to when you're Forever Alone, looking to Move On & Don't Look Back, nursing a Broken Heart, or staying Young & FreeIf you're a mellow yellow looking for a pared back tune, watch Ffion's I Miss U. The Singapore-based Brit and Noise mentee (she's mentored by Vandetta) has recently released her emotionally-charged music video in anticipation of her debut EP coming soon in July.

3pm: Treat yourself with an edible bouquet
You can say no to cheesy pick-up lines and bad excuses, but can you really refuse chocolate? Not a chance, and you shouldn't, especially when they're from Sunday Folks. As pretty as they are tasty, the handmade chocolate slabs feature a base of creamy white chocolate mixed with freeze-dried raspberries, rose petals and marshmallows — like a bouquet you can eat.

Sunday Folks chocolate slabs Singapore

7pm: Get called to the bar
We're not talking about a one-man pity-party at the nearest watering hole. Sign up with boutique barre and yoga studio Called To The Barre on their opening day for Night With A Heart, where 50% of proceeds will support the Willing Hearts organisation. Classes are sold per pair, so grab a friend for this 60-minute class that incorporates yoga, barre and HIIT segments.

9pm: Patch things up
A crafty night in with your girlfriends might just be the solution. Check out Bando and Pew Pew Patches for some empowering messages that let you wear your heart on your sleeve (and more): Fries Before Guys, Stay True, Not Your Bae and KTHXBAI

Fries Before Guys

11pm: Watch a movie marathon in bed
Screw date night movies and hit yourself where it truly hurts. We're talking classic tearjerkers that give an honest, unfiltered look at relationships: (500) Days of Summer for the hipsters, Closer for the lovers of London, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for the delusional dreamers and Blue Valentine for future Mrs. Goslings.

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