#ManCrushMonday: Tyler Hoechlin

#ManCrushMonday: Tyler Hoechlin

Mr. Superman

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Disappointed that Tyler Hoechlin's scenes got cut in Fifty Shades Darker? No matter — here are three upcoming roles you can look forward to

1. The Domestics
Set in a dystopian future, Tyler Hoechlin stars as one half of a couple who fight gangs to return home. The 29-year-old American will be joined by Kate Bosworth, who will play his wife in a film that's slated to be released in 2018. Filming has already wrapped, so look out for a trailer soon.

2. Departures

The Teen Wolf star will join the likes of television favourites Maisie Williams, Nina Dobrev and Asa Butterfield in Departures, a coming-of-age story that's reminiscent of The Fault In Our Stars. Featuring a friendship between a terminal ill yet spirited teenager and a timid counterpart, the film's bound to be a tearjerker.

3. Supergirl
You don't have to even wait for this one. Hoechlin resurrects the flawed Man of Steel in television series Supergirl, where he made his debut in the season two premiere. His portrayal does away with past characterisations of the hero as the dark and brooding sort, opting for a symbol of hope instead. Watch a snippet of him below.

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