Here's why Tom Holland was meant to be Spider-Man

Here's why Tom Holland was meant to be Spider-Man


Text: Clara Tan

At 21, Tom Holland's the youngest actor to play Spider-Man, and also the third lucky person in 15 years to take over the role of our favourite web-slinger. Here's why the British heartthrob was meant to be Peter Parker

1. Spidey-see, Spidey-do
He's Spider-Man because he can do whatever a spider can. Besides acting, Holland's also a dancer and gymnast with years of training under his belt since he was a kid. We're sure minimal CGI was required with those natural moves.


2. Born to be
Well, what can we say? His mum probably knew he was destined to be the great Peter Parker way before everyone else did.


3. Naturally fit
He nails the Spider-Man pushups (yes, that's what they're really called) to a T.


4. Say cheese!
Like Peter Parker, Holland loves snapping pictures too. Well, at least of his adorable pet dog Tessa, who grew up with him since he was a little boy.


5. With great power comes great responsibility
Spidey knows he can use his power to help people. Here, the Brother's Trust's charity founder gives children a glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow.



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