#SundayFunday: General Election memes

#SundayFunday: General Election memes

Jumping on the bandwagon

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Belveen Singh,
Mr Brown

The 10 stages of going through General Elections

When the General Elections come a-knockin' (quite literally, with members rallying support in the heartlands), the internet meme Gods come answering. With eight opposition parties and independent individuals fighting for all 89 seats in Parliament, this year's contest is quite an interesting one to watch, notably if your constituency is in the north-east and east. Whether you're an overly passionate Facebook commenter or you prefer to take the back seat, we all experience these universal "feels" regardless of race, language or religion. Yes, it's about time we did a story on the Singapore elections — for starters, we're pooling together the memes that mattered this political season.

1. When it's announced that parliament has dissolved.


2. When your parents remind you to register to vote.


3. When your foreign colleague asks for your opinion on the elections, or local politics in general. 


4. When you can't cross a traffic light without seeing an election poster.


5. When you still find time to joke about what our neighbours in Malaysia are going through.


6. When you're at a family gathering and that uncle you hardly see attempts to start a political debate.

ikea meme

7. When you attend a thousand-strong crowd Worker's Party rally in Hougang.

Worker's Party meme

8. When you keep scrolling through Facebook posts of friends, acquaintances and just about anybody with an opinion on the elections.

spock meme

9. When men start getting carried away and allow their feelings to cloud their judgment.

Elections meme1

10. When it's the night before voting day and you accidentally catch one last rally excerpt on television.

Mark meme

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