#SundayFunday: The Viners you should be following

#SundayFunday: The Viners you should be following

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Text: Norman Tan

Because you can do a lot in six and a half seconds. Here's our top ten list of the best Viners you need to follow stat

Being famous on Vine is not just like being rich in Monopoly money anymore.

The social media app that allows users to share six and a half second videos, has turned its stars into bonafide (and cashed up) semi-celebrities. From sponsorship deals to starring in movies (Marcus Johns, the first Viner to reach a million followers, was in last year's movie Expelled alongside fellow Viner Cameron Dallas), these six-second heroes have whipped and nae'd nae'd their smartphone success into a profitable profession. And it's only just the beginning.

Don't know what the fuss is all about? Check out our favourite ten Viners below. (PSA: Click on the top left of each Vine for sound. You're welcome.)

1. Josh Darnit 

Okay, let's be honest, we're all following Josh for his adorable son, Evan (Vining at @Evancredible). The fact that he also gets dissed by his other kids (Surprise! They also have Vine accounts: @JohnnaMazing and @AJMG) is just a bonus.

2. Brittany Furlan

Admittedly, Brittany sometimes takes it too far  — "Do if for the Vine!" — but she records more hits than misses. 

3. Marcus Johns

"Sometimes I just don't care!" declares Marcus. Cue: Crazy dancing and ranting in public spaces.  

4. King Bach

Whether it's on his Vine account, or on his popular YouTube channel, Canadian-born Andrew Bachelor constantly pays out American culture for a laugh. No complaints here.  

 5. Amanda Cerny

Not just a pretty face, Amanda knows how to, ummm... roll with the boys.

6. Rudy Mancuso

Master of teleportation, amazing on the keys, has a tempestuous relationship with his 'madre', and frequently walks into poles, walls and fridge doors. What's not to love?

7. Josh Peck

Does a killer impression of a teenage Valley Girl. Actually, scratch that, does great impressions of all teenage girls.

8. Lele Pons

Oh, I think I found myself a cheerleader. Lele, and her army of friends, are always there when you need her.

9. Matt Cutshall

Three words: Abs and girls. Frequently topless and caught in a never-ending love triangle between a fawning Manon Mathews and a disinterested Arielle Vandenberg. #TeamManon

10. Brodie Smith

All about his awesome trick shots. Ultimate frisbee for the win. 

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