How to arrange flowers like Steven Meisel and Loewe

How to arrange flowers like Steven Meisel and Loewe


Text: Adibah Isa

Loewe's new 2017 calendar with Steven Meisel is now available in Singapore

When did the world suddenly sit up and take notice of flowers again? From basic bouquets to artisanal arm candy, flowers have scaled the social calendar of self-expression, sitting pretty alongside bespoke tailors and music makers. Boutique florists scramble to earn top dollar not just for weddings, but for product launches and photoshoots too. Although Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada declared that florals aren't exactly groundbreaking, it does see a refreshing revival now and then.


November Steven Meisel Loewe

Case in point: Photographer Steven Meisel's timely exhibition featuring snaps of flower arrangements. Hosted by Loewe's Past Present and Future exhibition at the Villanueva Pavilion in Madrid, the 13 colour photographs form part of the exhibit's second section. Inspired by renowned British society florist Constance Spry, Meisel has shed a spotlight on the floral designs popular in the '30s to '50s with this collectible throwback. You can now bring home a piece of Loewe's special relationship with flowers in a 2017 calendar.

Loewe's 2017 calendar with Steven Meisel's 'Flowers' series is available at Loewe Paragon.