Jennifer Aniston's best man tattoos Berluti's autumn/winter 2016 collection

Jennifer Aniston's best man tattoos Berluti's autumn/winter 2016 collection

But he's not just any best man

Text: Adibah Isa

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Tattoo artist Scott Campbell is a man of many roles: Best man at Jennifer Aniston's wedding, husband to actor and filmmaker Lake Bell and collaborator for Berluti's upcoming collection

It's no surprise that the wedding of actors Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux last July would bring together some of Hollywood's most talented characters: Courteney Cox served as maid of honour, Sia performed after the couple exchanged their rings while guests included the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel.

But there was another celebrity in the backyard wedding that wasn't in the same vein of entertainment: Scott Campbell, Theroux's longtime friend and tattoo artist. While he might not have secured any credits in film or television, he's inked A-list names such as Marc Jacobs, Robert Downey Jr., Sting and Helena Christensen. Recently, he's also made his mark on wearable goods as a designer for Berluti's Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection.

Marc Jacobs and his tattoos

"I created graphic designs featuring a host of symmetrical repetitions, but which exude a sense of movement and a certain musicality," says Scott Campbell. "Like me, Berluti strives to celebrate skin — but in an alternative way. This collaboration feels natural and rewarding for me."

This first partnership, the Louisiana native has created five original designs in over 20 different permutations for ready-to-wear pieces, shoes and leather goods. It's not the first time Berluti has collaborated with a tattoo artist. Since 2001, tattoo artists have been inking the label's Venezia leather at Berluti's workshop in Ferrara. This collaboration however, features their first high-profile name. 
According to Berluti's creative director Alessandro Sartori, Campbell's graphic approach was a perfect fit for the contemporary feel of the collection.

Working out of his Brooklyn studio, Saved Tattoo, you can spot something as small as geometric shapes onto Berluti's shoes, or an elaborate snake embroidered into one of their bags — bestiary forms a huge part of the collection.

"Having an animal tattoo has always been a way of expressing your feelings," says Scott Campbell. "For example, choosing a bird design reflects a sense of freedom."

This collaboration with Berluti marks another one of Campbell's foray into a different medium. Last November, the tattoo artist held an installation as part of his project, Whole Glory, in New York's Milk Gallery. Participants who were selected by a lottery would put their arm into a hole in a wall for Campbell to tattoo whatever he wanted. Each tattoo took approximately an hour to complete, with no communication between the two. In fact, the participant will only get to see it when it's finished.

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