#SaturdaySessions: Make someone's day with a handwritten note

#SaturdaySessions: Make someone's day with a handwritten note


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: The Paper Bunny

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Jaime Lee, founder of stylish stationery start-up The Paper Bunny rekindles our love for handwritten letters in this instant messaging world

The Paper Bunny may be small... but we hope to steal a space in your heart as your go-to stationer.

Our design process... goes towards ensuring that our products are functional and essential accessories that today's modern woman would be proud to carry in her bag, display in her home, or give to her friends and loved ones.

Fashion and nature... play a huge part of our inspirations. Our products are not only stationery but they are also lifestyle accessories.

I wanted to create products that... are relevant to everyone in their daily lives – meaningful and part of people's lives, with quotes and statements that would build them up and help them to build their loved ones up too.

Our products are designed for... people who are fashion-conscious and design-savvy, yet always strive to be rich in kindness and big in heart and soul.

The Paper Bunny Thanks a Bunch

The Paper Bunny The Heart Postcard (Sea Green)

The Paper Bunny Assorted Cards

The Paper Bunny's Summer collection postcards which will be launching next week. For more info, click here.

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