Royal Botania designs sophisticated furniture for the great outdoors

Royal Botania designs sophisticated furniture for the great outdoors

Fresh-faced furnishings

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Royal Botania

Royal Botania's new collection unveiled at this year's Salone del Mobile shows off the effortless ease and subtle sensualities of outdoor furnishings

Picture this: Sunset cocktails by the balcony. Come in your nautical best. RSVP and show up at the dream pad.

If your dream pad's anything that resembles what Belgian furnishing designer Royal Botania envisions, then we're in. These guys get what the world needs from outdoor furniture now: supporting buddies that allow us to do a little dance, make a little love, and basically, get down tonight.

New entries to their collection this year debuted at the annual Salone del Mobile, where beach chairs from their Bleacher collection sat side by side in all of their curved beauty. If you prefer straight, no-nonsense lines, the Ninix collection's minimalist style works best against glittering pools.

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Royal Botania isn't big on prints or patterns — but what they lack in superficial make-up, they make up for in understated lines and curves. Then there's their dedication to quality materials of teak, mahogany, fine wood, aluminum and steel frames, which uphold both luxury and style in the great contemporary outdoors.

Outdoor furnishings don't necessarily have to be rustic and blend in with the background. Instead, they should be extensions of the interiors - and if your insides are uncluttered, classic and refined, Royal Botania's pieces would prove to be stylish compatriots.

Beacher by Royal Botania

The beach chair gets brighter and better in the Beacher collection, which introduces vibrant pops of colour to their ergonomic design.

Zenhit by Royal Botania

High quality teak makes a sturdy and reliable base for this daybed from the Zenhit collection. 

Vigor by Royal Botania

Designed by Frank Boschman, the Vigor loungers and bench sets employ teak or mahogany beams joined to aluminium frames, connected by subtle dovetail-shaped strips. 

Ninix by Royal Botania


Designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, stainless steel frames dominate the Ninix aesthetic, making them ideal poolside companions.

For more information on the collection, visit Royal Botania.