#ManCrushMonday: Mr. World 2016

#ManCrushMonday: Mr. World 2016


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @rohit_khandelwal77

Here's how to live your life like the newly-crowned Mr. World 2016, Rohit Khandelwal

Earlier this month, Hyderabad native Rohit Khandelwal has bagged the Mr. World 2016 title out of 46 finalists, and it's not difficult to see why. The 27-year-old's Instagram account would make you stop in your tracks as you procrastinate at work yet again — this time in the long, black hole that is @rohit_khandelwal77. While we've yet to meet the first Asian to win this award (yay!), we sort of know him already — you know, like how you'd know your favourite Instagram crushes just by following their every move. It isn't creepy once you've announced your intentions, and for us, it's simply so we can live a better life. Here's how: 

1. Start your day right
For the breakfast of champions, Khandelwal chooses healthy and good carbs.


2.  The best way to celebrate anything is still with food
Because nothing really beats a good old cheeseburger. Albeit a small one.

Enjoying the victory with some cheese burger and French fries 

A photo posted by Rohit Khandelwal (@rohit_khandelwal77) on


3. It's totally okay to go out with a selfie stick
They've gotten a lot of flak lately and have even been banned at some venues, but come on, what better way is there to take a picture of yourself? Nigerian man candy optional.


4. Sunday mornings are the best time to cheat
On your diet, at least. Mr. World 2016 serves up a classic French toast with some fresh beats.


5. End the day with a good read to give you some peace
After a long day of shoots, the model enjoys reading before bed. For peace, he says, with extra smileys.


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