#ManCrushMonday: Rob Lowe

#ManCrushMonday: Rob Lowe

Brat pack beauty

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images,
Instagram | @robloweofficial

A fan of Rob Lowe? Brace yourself: The subject of Comedy Central Roast is about to take a publicised beating. To avoid crying a river, here are 10 photos of Rob Lowe to save the day

1. When Rob Lowe made us want to travel back in time
Just so we could nurse this then 19-year old. In this photo of him circa 1993, this was Lowe pre-scandals, pre-sex tape and pre-nanny allegations. 

Rob Lowe 1993

2. When Lowe made us feel like we're not the only one with crushed dreams
It's okay, Rob. They certainly won't mispronounce your name now.

Rob Lowe dodgers

3. When Lowe made us go weak in the knees in St. Elmo's Fire
A still from the movie that got him noticed and in the Brat Pack. Never have we been so jealous of a saxophone.

Rob Lowe saxophone

4. When Lowe looked noticeably pained in the arms of Winona Ryder
Starring together in the 1987 movie Square Dance, Lowe looked like he needed rescuing here. No offence Ryder, but we think we can do a better job.

Rob Lowe Winona Ryder

5. When he showcased the fact that a leather jacket never goes out of style
This rebel with a cause adopted a look in the '80s that's just as fashionable now. 

Rob Lowe leather jacket

6. When Lowe convinced us of the only two things we needed to survive
Beer and milk. One gives us liquid courage while the other strengthens our bones. Why not.

 Rob Lowe beer milk

7. When Lowe rocked a moustache in the '90s, and suddenly nothing made sense anymore
Are moustaches sexy? What's it like to get that close to his lips? Is he turned on by fishnet stockings? Why do we have so many burning questions?


8. When Lowe made us doubt ourselves
With just one judgmental look, Lowe (see here in Fox's The Grinder) can make us go both weak in the knees and flaunt our insecurities. 

robloweofficialTonight we have my favorite #TheGrinder episode yet. Very proud of it. Have a look if you can. 9:30 on @FOXTV

9. When the father of two teenagers proves that he's the "DILF" of this generation
Dad, I'd like ball. 


10. When he showed us that it's perfectly alright to be obsessed with yourself
Well, only if you're Rob Lowe, that is.

 Rob Lowe comedy central roast

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