Princess Charlotte reviews the Met Gala 2017 red carpet

Princess Charlotte reviews the Met Gala 2017 red carpet

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In honour of Princess Charlotte's second birthday, we check in for a royal review of the Met Gala 2017

Rei Kawakubo is the first living designer to be honoured at the Met Gala since 1983's Yves Saint Laurent exhibit, so the pressure was definitely on. But like the Sean Bean meme from Lord of The Rings, one does not simply wear Comme des Garcons, just because the occasion calls for it. And what an occasion it was. It's too easy to oversimplify and align Kawakubo's work with the words 'avant garde', but what the fashion world can agree is that the Tokyo native has pushed the envelope since Comme des Garcons' Paris Fashion Week debut in 1981. Simply put, the single, overarching theme should have been spelt in these large, block letters: DO NOT PLAY SAFE.

But this doesn't mean that you can dress senselessly. When Kawakubo welcomed the black parade on the runway in 1981, her loyalty to that colour signified a rebellion against the flashier hues of the '80s. When it was thought that she embraced femininity in florals, she corrected critics by telling them that the roses were a connection to political and religious upheaval in a collection called 'Blood and Roses'. This return to red surfaced in her SS15 collection. Throughout her career, her aesthetic has been proudly defiant — she's distorted the human form, embraces themes of destruction and goes against the grain of what's considered pretty.

Did Met Gala's red carpet showcase do the designer justice? As our social media feeds bombarded with both critique and admiration, we couldn't help but wonder what her royal highness Princess Charlotte — who's celebrating her second birthday — would think of the Met Gala spread.

1. When you wake up after a long weekend and wait for Vogue to load their fashion pages

"Yes, my body is ready"

2. When Anna Wintour — one of the hosts for the Met Gala — walks in wearing a custom Chanel dress by Karl Lagerfeld 

Princess Charlotte

3. When you see couples — Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady — kiss on the red carpet like it's their privilege to show off any form of affection

Princess Charlotte

4. When Katy Perry arrives in a Maison Margiela Artisanal ensemble by John Galliano and you don't know whether to laugh or cry

Princess Charlotte

5. When it's clear that Hollywood's definition of "going against the grain" comprises solely of plunging necklines, lip rings and feathery ensembles

Princess Charlotte

6. When the understatedly on point Tracee Ellis Ross makes you seriously rethink your cobalt blue wardrobe options

Princess Charlotte

7. When you refuse to be impressed by any Jenner and/or Kardashian

Princess Charlotte

8. When Serena Williams (a.k.a. Queen of Everything) shows off the bumps of baby bumps — and you're considering switching places

Princess Charlotte

9. When Solange Knowles shows up with a puffy train you'd want to board 

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa

10. When the night finally ends and you have to wait an entire year to roll your eyes again and blow those candles

Princess Charlotte

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