10 times Prince George was all of us on Monday

10 times Prince George was all of us on Monday


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

There is a little Prince George in all of us

It's not Monday's fault you hate your job. But even though we love ours — no, really — everyone needs a little help sometimes. Bless his soul: Prince George floated between bouts of being royally pissed to extremely ecstatic during the eight days of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Royal Visit of Canada, with the three-year-old dramatically expressing the inner battles that lie within each Monday. From snubbing the high fives of Canadians (including Justin Trudeau) to being thankful for the little things (bubbles), Prince George showed us that no matter how presssed your clothes were or how perfect your deep part was, Monday blues can happen to the best of us.

1. When you're not quite ready to get up from your bed

"Just five more minutes, please..." 

2. When you're just sitting there in your UberPOOL, contemplating your fate

"Please don't pick up another passenger, please don't pick up another passenger"

3. When you arrive way too early and your boss isn't there to see it. You know who is? That weird colleague who's playing so-called "music" a little too loudly

"They make headphones for a reason. Seriously"

4. When there are way too many people in the pantry and you just want to make coffee in peace, without making small talk and eye contact whatsoever

"Out of my way, peasants"

5. When it's barely half the day and you're already being micro-managed by two superiors

"Excuse me while I try not to collapse under the weight of your incompetence"

6. When you're counting down five minutes to lunchtime

"Is it a Maxwell food court kind of day or a hummus and guac bowl binge?"

7. When someone says something really stupid in a meeting, backed not by facts or statistics but with his or her self-righteous, entitled opinions

"I'm 100% done"

8. When your boss singles you out for suggestions on how to make improvements. Or suggests that you need to make improvements

"Maybe if I stare harder at the ground my life will magically get better"

9. When you're walking towards the door to leave and Rihanna's Work is on your mind, shooing you off to freedom

"Work, work, work, work, work, he see me do me — NOPE"

10. When nothing feels quite as good as having survived Monday. We did it, peasants!


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