Sign up for Poppy Flora Studio's new wearable flower workshop

Sign up for Poppy Flora Studio's new wearable flower workshop

Blessed beings

Text: Adibah Isa

Video: PeachyPixx Productions
Image: Studiokel Photography

Sarah Lim of Poppy Flora Studio will introduce a new wearable flower workshop series starting at the end of June

You know how flowers can brighten up the most horrid of Mondays, so why not work it into your style? Florals aren't just reserved for festivals and hippie hangouts alone — it's a daily accessory you'd wear just as much as those empowering words bejeweled on your wrist. They smell good, look great and best of all, they're handpicked based on what reflects your personality — a character curation, if you will. Just in time for the season of sun-worshippers, Poppy Flora Studio has introduced a new wearable flower series starting at the end of the month, with other dates in October and December.

An important element in her life, founder Sarah Lim started the homegrown studio in 2000, growing the brand from a retail florist to a flower school. They provide an inspiring platform for students through hands-on workshops and courses that don't just tell you what to do. Apart from teaching you the skills and techniques needed to understand materials and tools necessary for flower arranging, Lim encourages individuals to look within and develop their own signature style.

Besides the obvious flower crowns and corsages, Lim shares that you can expand your floral wardrobe by incorporating flowers in a headdress, ring and garland as well. "I would definitely vote for a floral headdress," she adds. "It's dramatic and always makes a statement. It will make the wearer feel hugged by nature's abundance and define your artistic voice too."

Her top tip is to create the piece a day before wearing it. You can spray on a floral preservative to keep it moist. After, keep it in a cool environment to see it age and dry beautifully. Look out for free online lessons on Poppy Flora Studio's website and stay updated for news on the wearable flower workshops. In the meantime, see a snippet on how to tidy and trim a floral headdress below.

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