#ManCrushMonday: Oliver Sim

#ManCrushMonday: Oliver Sim

X marks the spot

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @uber_fashionblog

As The xx releases their third album, I See You, the spotlight's on member Oliver Sim as he opens up about his demons

While member Jamie Smith has long been considered to be the breakout star of The xx trio (he's even been to Singapore for a DJ set), the sun has quietly risen and sunk time and again on fellow member Oliver Sim. Starting out when he was only 20, the 27-year-old Londoner together with childhood friend and fellow vocalist Madley Croft have crooned their hearts out in the band's past two albums, The xx and Coexist. Hollywood has certainly paid attention — Baz Luhrmann has used The xx in his soundtrack for The Great Gatsby, while Saturday Night Live recently featured the trio alongside Kristen Wiig in light of their new album, I See You. Even Dior Homme has tapped into their sound, casting Sim in their Spring Summer 2016 campaign and using Smith's song, Stranger In A Room featuring Sim's vocals.

With the release of I See You, The xx returns from their hiatus in a sound that's bolder and less unafraid. The title - taken from a Velvet Underground song lyric for I'll Be Your Mirror — pre-empts fans for songs that tackle certain issues straight on. Sim himself has been particularly open in a Pitchfork interview, talking about his struggle with alcoholism. This year marks the first shows he'll be playing sober, and over a year since he had his last drink. 

Whatever your struggle this 2017, it's time you take a leaf from Sim's book and address it directly — allowing I See You to be your soundtrack, of course.

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