Not your average music box: MB&F MusicMachine 3

Not your average music box: MB&F MusicMachine 3

Advanced civilisation

Text: Khairunnisa Fazlur Rahman

Image: MB&F

The highly anticipated MusicMachine line is receiving an upgrade in celebration of MB&F’s 10th anniversary

Upon seeing MB&F's latest alliance with Reuge, avid Star Wars fans might be lured into getting their hands on the TIE Fighter-inspired limited edition MusicMachine 3 (MM3). At first glance, it appears to have come from another dimension — except that it doesn't. As with mechanical music boxes, it incorporates all the essentials: Musically tuned combs, pinned cylinders, winding mechanisms, mainspring barrels and regulators. It even features timber from a 350-year-old piece of wood from the Risoud Forest in Switzerland, exemplifying the brand's dedication to expertise and heritage. Naturally so — with Reuge's 150 years of experience in the high-end music box industry, 'disappointment' is a word that ceases to exist in their dictionary.  


Lattice-like vertical wings support and protect the dual music cylinders. Each play three melodies unleashing the film buff in us: The theme tunes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond on the right and The Godfather, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders on the left. In addition to the innovative design of the wings, they play a vital role in propagating sound vibrations down from the combs to the naturally amplifying resonant base, manufactured by JMC Lutherie. Adding to the novelty, they've decided to break with music box convention to configure the two independent movements as mirror images of one another.

Limited to 99 pieces with 33 pieces in white finish, 33 pieces in black finish and 33 pieces in 'chrome' finish, we see these fighters flying off shelves even with the hefty price tag. May the force be with you.

Watch MM3 in action below.