Housewarming gift ideas and best things to buy for the home: Furniture, lighting, accessories and decoration

Housewarming gift ideas and best things to buy for the home: Furniture, lighting, accessories and decoration

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Text: Evan Mua

Editor: Aravin Sandran

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In recent years, both luxury fashion and streetwear brands have been increasingly expanding their lifestyle offerings with original homeware collections. If you're looking to impress just as much in the sheets as you do in the streets with your hyped sneakers, you'd be glad to know that Virgil Abloh has just dropped a slew of new home merch. We've also rounded up a bunch of other cool objects that might reflect your fashion-conscious style.

Item: Off-White "CERAMICS"
Price: Unavailable

Aptly titled "HOME" with its signature quotation marks, Off-White's debut interior collection is split into three categories: "CERAMICS", "BED" and "BATH". While logomaniacs will appreciate the embroidered coconut-milk double bed set and red throw blanket, we were particularly surprised by the beautiful fragiles in "CERAMICS".  The collection consists of ivory-coloured breakfast set, cup set, glass, pitcher, and various types of trays, all inscribed with a blue grass print and the Off-White logo. The "HOME" collection is currently available at their Mykonos store, before launching on their online store and EMPTY gallery on 1 September.

Item: Virgil Abloh c/o Vitra Anthony Chair
Price: USD 2,489

Virgil Abloh might have made his name in his fashion, but let's not forget, the multi-hyphenate was trained in industrial design. Recently, he followed up his hyped art rugs with IKEA in April with a collaboration with renowned furniture company Vitra. In conjunction with his exhibition 'TwentyThirtyFive', Abloh has reworked Jean Prouve's Anthony chair in a bright orange frame and acrylic shell as well as the Potence wall light with a LED bulb and orange cage. There's even a brick that's already sold-out.

Item: Gucci Porcelain Cat Incense Holder
Price: USD 219

Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele has that uncanny ability to imbue anything he touches with a sense of eccentricity. Here, an incense holder is reimagined in fine black Richard Ginori porcelain, and features a white feline head as well as prints inspired by the brand's collection.

|tem: Comme des Garçons Series 3 Candles
Price: $75

The avante-garde Japanese label is known for his unexpected notes, which in the past have included the industrial grittiness of tar. Inspired by the Russian town of Zagorsk that's famous for its 14th century monastery, its latest concoction fills the room with a calming sense of zen.

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There's something attractive about throwing caution to the wind. The French bohemians of the 19th century lived on the fringe of society, drank absinthe, and led an all-round louche lifestyle. While 21st century Singapore might not evoke that same recklessness, we could at least aspire to their free-spiritedness within the confines of our home. Here are five beautiful objects that combine hippy style with substance.

Item: Monte Carlo Maverick 60 Inch Ceiling Fan
Price: Approx $925

Monte Carlo's Maverick is one of the most efficient ceiling fans in the market right now. Besides its stunning hand-carved balsa wood blades, the fan will save you plenty of dollars in energy costs throughout the year with a few key features: an energy-saving DC motor, and six speed options that uses about three times less energy than your 60-watt light bulb. Add to that, it's a breeze to clean.

Item: Urban Outfitters Bisbee Tufted Shag Rug
Price: $916

There's nothing more relaxing than chilling out barefoot on a fluffy carpet at home. Exclusively available at Urban Outfitters, this rose-tinted, hand-tufted woolly shag rug will add an extra dose of texture and pattern to your living space.

Item: Tero Kuitunen Tiki Table Lamp
Price: On request

Terracotta lamps are still trending, and they're going to complement your free-spirited aesthetics with an extra bit of warmth. Inspired by tribal masks and tools, Finnish spatial and product designer Tero Kuitunen has combined a fragile hand-knotted paper shade with rough slip-cast terracotta to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Item: IKEA PIPSTÄKRA Duvet Cover and Pillowcase
Price: $27.50

IKEA's all-new multi-coloured duvet cover and pillowcase set is giving us hippy tie-dye vibes. Kicking up the eco-conscious factor a notch, you'll be happy to hear that the set is made from sustainable 100 per cent cotton.

Item: Charles-Antoine Chappius Knitted Vases
Price: On request

French designer Charles-Antoine Chappius works at the intersection of art and design. His textile experimentations have not only taken the forms of vases as seen below, but they also feature as lamps, rugs, and jaquard blankets.

Art collector

Art collectors usually have fantastic eye for decorating, often mixing old antiques with contemporary art and design. It's that eclectic sense of interior styling that provides both the inspiration and serenity they need while reclining and entertaining at home. The truth is, you don't have to spend a fortune at auctions to replicate the same look. We've compiled a handful of artist-collab objects that'll add a splash of colour and ingenuity to your home.

Item: Jean-Michel Basquiat Case Study Furniture Side Shell Eiffel Chair
Price: USD595

This Mordernica chair is not only a functional piece of classic design, but with the gritty scribbles of the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, it becomes a conversation starter when your guests settle in.

Item: Artists for Azuero, Limited Edition Plate Set
Price: USD850

Available only in a set of six, these 11-inch plates are covered in designs by esteemed artists such as Teresita Fernandez, April Gornik, Mary Heilmann, Maya Lin, Ed Rushcha, and Maya Lin. You could definitely serve up some fancy mise en place on them if you're a pro in the kitchen, but they'll be perfectly fine sitting pretty on the wall.

Item: Horizon (Maple Smear) Print by Lu Liling
Price: USD656

Singaporean artist Lu Liling prints her abstract pieces using a large-format Inkjet printer before using an additive and substractive layering technique to reveal the materiality of the pigment and paper. The final result might not be as mesmirizing as a Mark Rothko canvas, but you'll be able to emulate its effects at a decent price point.

Item: Mondri Vase
Price: USD100

The vase takes inspiration from the De Stijl art movement that played a part in the Bauhaus movement. Besides its art historical reference, it can be used in three inventive ways.

Item: Ikea Art Rug by Seulgi Lee

Korean artist Seulgi Lee brings the French expression "happy as a fish in water" alive with her IKEA rug using three simple colour-blocked shapes. Place it on the floor if you aren't too precious about it, or hang it up against a wall to flex.


You might think that being vegan is all about your food choices, but this year, it is set to be one of the hottest interior trends. From playful cat furniture to multicoloured ceramics, we've rounded up the best plant-derived objects that'll pair perfectly with your spiralized zucchini.

Item: Portale by Kate Crowbert and Adriana Jaros
Portale's glorious room-diving curtain is constructed using thousands of hand-dyed strings that have been arranged in wonderful layers of brilliant colour and shape.

Item: Buffy Breeze Comforter
Price: Starts at USD180 for the 'twin/twin XL' size
Unlike traditional comforters that are made from polyester or down, Buffy uses temperature-regulating eucalyptus that not only prevents overheating during the night, but is also sustainable, biodegradable and consumes lesser water to produce than regular cotton. Buffy also ships via Certified Carbon Neutral shipping, making the brand eco-friendly and vegan-worthy through and through.

Item: Dote Nest Module
Price: Prices have yet to be announced. Check out their Instagram page for more information.
Dote's nest module for cats is made partly of PET felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. The Nest is suitable for all kinds of cat behaviour including climbing, scratching and napping.

Item: Earl of East London mid-size candle  Strand
Price: £20
Made from non-GMO eco soy wax, the Strand's scent is created with the warm Danish sunset and the Baltic Sea breeze in mind. Being one of the most complicated scents in the brand's candle category, the Strand channels notes of mandarin rind, seaweed, birch wood and bay leaf. The scent is carefully formulated to give off a different scent each time it's lit. Furthermore, it's encased in a dark amber apothecary jar that can be reused once the soy wax runs out.

Item: Nanoha Expresso  Cosmos
Price: €55
Created by Sandra Sandor of Hungarian fashion label Nanushka, Nanoha is a collaborative project with Natalie Names of Noha Studio. Nanushka is best known for its vegan leather clothing, and its venture into ceramics is a natural extension that embraces the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Each piece is completely unique and one-off.


Referred to colloquially as tai tai in Singapore, a socialite is a woman who carries herself with an almost swan-like elegance at high society events. Usually with a glass of champagne in hand, she is usually dripping in luxury labels from head to toe, and her decadent home is no exception. Here's how to get the look if you can afford it.

Item: Fendi Multicolour Terry Beach Towel
Price: USD390

Sun-tanning on the bare deck of your luxury yacht off the shores of Marina Sentosa Cove can be a little aggressive on well-moisturised skin. This made-in-Italy large soft cotton towel will make doing nothing at all seem so much more sophisticated.

Item: Dyson V11 Absolute+
Price: $1,099

Dyson's products never fail to impress. Besides their game-changing blade-less fans and supersonic hairdryer, their vacuum cleaner has to be the ultimate accessory for anyone who likes cleaning to be as hi-tech as their handheld gadgets and laptops. It's got some seriously dizzying features: settings that adapt to different kinds of flooring, intelligent real-time reporting on an LCD screen, and 'point-and-shoot' hygienic bin emptying.

Item: Buly 1803 Generaux d'Empire Scented Candle
Price: Approx. $120

Buly 1803 is an esteemed perfumery with over 200 years of heritage. This particular candle exudes a sillage of rosemary, sweet rose, fresh blackcurrant and violet with base notes of cedar, patchouli, vetiver and musk. Add to that classy fragrance, the plant-based wax fits into an ancient Indian-inspired marble holder fitted with a glass dome to preserve the scent. Whether it's displayed in a prominent place or not, its alluring scent will definitely draw guests towards its beautifully designed vessel that can be turned into a flower vase once the wax has been used.

Item: William Yeoward Crystal Pearl Tumbler Double Old Fashioned
Price: £170

This exquisite crystal glass is cut entirely by hand with intricate string of pearls and starburst wheel motifs. Impress the men in your life by serving a classic Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail in these handsome glasses.

Item: Brookstone Towel Warmer
Price: USD399

When you're a socialite, it's not so much about what you need but rather what you want and how it makes you feel. If you're looking for a warm hug after getting out of your bathtub and your husband/bf isn't around, Brookstone's Towel Warmer will offer you that intimate full-body caress without a single word uttered.


A hypebeast is a young man or woman who always buys into the latest trends no matter how ridiculous they might look, has the most up-to-date knowledge on hard-to-get releases, and wears the dopest clothes and accessories. When it comes to their home, every furniture and object's sole purpose is to impress with its outrageous price tag and blatant branding.

Item: Supreme x Pearl drum kit
Price: $5,451.26 (4,000USD)
Why bother splurging on an exorbitantly priced drum kit when, in fact, you don't play the drums? Well, because it's a collaboration with Supreme of course! There's nothing more to be said, other than anything that's plastered with that recognisable red logo seems to sell-out within a minute online.

Item: Neighbohood incense chamber
Price: Unavailable
These long-standing series of incense chambers are made from Kaolin clay, which is used in traditional Chinese pottery. Purchase incense sticks from Japan's Kuumba International, and your new BTO flat will be scented just like Neighborhood's Harajuku store.

Item: Virgil Abloh x Ikea "KEEP OFF'" rug
Price: $499
Virgil Abloh's ironic Ikea Persian rug has been on every hypebeast's wish list since it appeared on Abloh's IG months ago. It has now attained an almost art-like status, and it's no surprise that we've seen it hung as a statement piece on the wall.

Item: A Bathing Ape x Mordenica chair
Price: $2,000 (resell)
Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames' design in the 1950s for Herman Miller, Mordernica's fibreglass chairs has been reimagined by various artists over the years including Jean-Michel Basquiat and Futura. This particular edition by acclaimed streetwear label A Bathing Ape tops our list.

Item: Uniqlo Kaws x Sesame Street toy
Price: $19.90
If the recent mad rush to get his latest UT collab line was any indication, contemporary artist KAWS has certainly achieved the kind of mainstream success that has touched living legends like Yayoi Kusama. Instead of paying a couple of hundred dollars for the highly sought after Dior and Kaws BFF pink plushie, head over to Uniqlo's online store right now and get yourself a Sesame Street plushie from a past season at a fraction of the price.


Minimalism is not just about monotonous black-and-white interiors, simple lines and OCD arrangements; it's a lifestyle that revolves around the "less is more" ideology that believes in stripping away the unnecessary and focusing on the essential. Here are our favourites at the moment.

Item: Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray
Price: $73
Banish unwelcoming odours of sweaty shoes and sambal blachan with Aesop's Istros aromatique room spray. Its main notes of pink pepper, lavender and tobacco will add an atmospheric depth of character to your home instead of the nose-scrunching lemony zest of cheap home air fresheners.

Item: YPPERLIG LED Floor Lamp
Price: $79
The YPPERLIG line is a collaborative effort between mass-market Swedish furniture company IKEA and coveted Danish design label HAY. While it might look like a straightfoward floor lamp, the twig-thin body belies its flexible functionality: a built-in touch dimmer allows it to be turned on, off and dimmed with only the slightest touch; its skinny arm and head can also be adjusted and directed wherever neccessary. To top it all off, its LED light source consumes up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Item: Cold Picnic Private Parts Bath Mat
Price: $85
Whoever said Minimalism is boring definitely didn't come across Cold Picnic's tongue-in-cheek rugs. Their NSFW "Private Parts" line of nude bath mats is made from 100% New Zealand wool yarn.

Item: AllMordern Caines Coffee Table
Price: $230
The egged-shaped table's slim metal legs give the table a mid-century look without calling too much attention to itself.

Item: Louis Ghost Arm Chair by Kartell
Price: $420
Inspired by the exuberant Baroque era, Philippe Starck's iconic Louis Ghost chair reduces the decorative elements of a typical salon chair until all that remains is its ghostly transparent plastic form.


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