Mother's Day: Brilliant gift ideas for your cool mom — home edition

Mother's Day: Brilliant gift ideas for your cool mom — home edition

Like mother, like daughter

Text: Aravin Sandran

Decadent bouquet from Floral Magic
Save those lipstick-red roses are for your bae on V-day, and instead, opt for these blush-tinted florals for your cool mom. Whether you're a mommy's boy or girl, nothing says low-key familial love more than a bouquet delivered to her doorstep first thing in the morning; even better if it matches the rose-gold Cartier on her wrist.


Kush candle from Boy Smells
It might be illegal to smoke pot in Singapore, but your mom is clearly 420-friendly when she gets down with her girlfriends overseas. Keep the good times going in the heartlands with Boy Smells' Kush candle that lights up the room with the subtle green vibes of cannabis flowers. Don't even think about getting high off the sillage; the product does not contain any actual cannabis.  


Carbonator II Copper from Aarke
Your cool mom obviously doesn't drink straight from the tap, because only the best touches her lips. Make the ordinary leap off your tongue with Aarke's home carbonator. You know those chi-chi mahjong nights she hosts every other weekend that gets extra loud with every glass of champagne? This one's going to provide all the bubbles without the drunken mess that your cool dad frowns upon.


ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide
Your cool mom might be a pro in the kitchen, but let's face it, she doesn't have all the time in the world to fuss over a pot when her face still hasn't been beaten into submission in time for happy hour. Save her all that trouble with the Joule. It's the world's smallest, smartest and most powerful sous vide device that's voice-controlled or with the ease of a Wifi-connected smartphone. That means perfectly done meat for family and guests every single time.


Plum cocktail shaker and martini glass from Tom Dixon
Happy hour might be from 5 to 7pm in the streets, but at home, it's between 8 and 10pm after dinner has been done and dusted. And because your cool mom is living the high SES life, she doesn't have her drinks in red plastic cups, old coffee mugs or God forbid, straight out of the bottle. Tom Dixon's highly polished copper-plated stainless steel cocktail shaker and martini glass will take her A-game (by 'A' we mean alcohol) to the next level. If you've got extra dough lying around, get another one for her best gal pal who shows up unannounced for a mid-week pick-up. Your cool mom will thank you.Mother's Day: Brilliant gift ideas for your cool mom — home edition (фото 1)

Mother's Day falls on 12 May.