When I Was Young: Knowing MØ through her new album

When I Was Young: Knowing MØ through her new album


Text: Kimberly Kiong

Image: Facebook | MØ

Ahead of MØ's gig at Zouk this Sunday, learn about the 'Lean On' singer through the six tracks from her EP, When I Was Young

1. 'Roots'
Born in Ubberud, Denmark, MØ, otherwise known as Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, was brought up in the tiny village of Ejlstrup by her father, a psychologist, and her mother, a teacher. Growing up, the likes of Spice Girls, Black Flag, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sonic Youth were on her playlist. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth is MØ's own #WomanCrushWednesday.
MØ learning the piano
2. 'When I Was Young'
Before settling on her current on-stage moniker, MØ, she released a few tracks under different side projects. One side project was titled The Edmunds. It was heavily influenced by her punk sensibilities when she was going through that phase of adolescent angst we are all familiar with. She was also part of the duo, MOR, with her friend Josefine Struckmann Pedersen. After 2 EPs, Fisse I Dit Jjæs and Vanvidstimer, MOR dissolved.
MOR new york city
3. 'Turn My Heart to Stone'
The 29-year-old's first relationship ended when she was half her current age, so you do the math. Her former boyfriend called it off because she refused to succumb to his sexual advances (you go girl!) But needless to say, the tender fragility of a first love left her devastated. 

4. 'Linking With You'
In light of her teenage anarchist ways, she would frequent anti-fascist protests and rallies. She found a sense of belonging in the left side of politics and wanted to instigate those around her by developing an alter-ego of a chaotic, troubled youth. Her extreme and strongly held beliefs shaped the aggressive sound of her then electro-punk project under MOR.  
5. 'BB'
MØ's favourites aren't just limited to music. She often looks to books and fine arts artists from the likes of Marina Abramovic for inspiration. Her own 'bb' is Danish singer-songwriter, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen. They've been blissfully attached for the past three years.

MØ and Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen

6. 'Runaway'
Her belligerence, as rough around the edges as it may have seemed, didn't push her to leave her family without a word. Today, she's away from Denmark for positive reasons. She has been touring Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and United Kingdom and will be bringing us her synth-pop tunes in Singapore.

Catch MØ live on 26 November, 7pm till 11pm at Zouk.