Messages getting monotonous? Spice up your texts with these tips from millennials

Messages getting monotonous? Spice up your texts with these tips from millennials

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Unless you're already living with your S.O., you can't physically see your special someone during this circuit breaker. But now that we're all staying home and everyday feels like Groundhog Day, conversations can get a little bit, well, monotonous.

Maybe it's time to inject some sexiness into your regular messaging. Sending flirty, playful texts can help maintain closeness with your partner while you're apart. It's writing your own love story where the words become the visuals. When done right, it can lead to higher relationship satisfaction, provide an outlet to express your desires, and keep the talking interesting and in suspense of "what are they going to say next?"

For those dipping your toes into this NSFW realm for the first time, make sure that you're doing it with someone you trust. We don't need anything to become scandalous. Not sure how to start or overcome the awkwardness? Here are some tips from millennials on how to get cheeky.

Make the mundane sexy

"My husband texts me pictures of folded laundry as foreplay :)

"Husband here. Just to be clear, I text her pictures of the laundry I just folded while she was working, I don't just put 'folded laundry' into Google images. I also send pictures of clean dishes and a made bed when I'm really trying to get saucy. :)" —Chores are key for this couple, on Reddit.

Expert advice

"Good sexting tows the line between smut and subtlety. It's like lingerie; there are things left to the imagination. Saying [something explicit and literal] "I want to [blank] your [blank] with my [blank]" is great, you know, but that's a one-dimensional statement. After you read it, the excitement is done.

"Ambiguity, however, is far more enticing. But not clueless ambiguity; dancing around the edge of being literal, coming as close as possible, but never saying what you want forthright until the time comes. I've also found that "self-aware" sexting can be a whole lot more exciting. Instead of talking about what you'd like to do, because there's only a finite list of things you can describe, talk about the predicament itself. Explore your feelings regarding the situation. Open up about how it makes you feel to be involved with him/her in the first place." — Regular sext-er, on Reddit.

Hot in translation

"My boyfriend used to send me really filthy messages in Gaelic and then make me ask for the translation. So, so hot." —Bilingual is hot, on Reddit.

Short and sweet with trust

"That said, when sexting (or attempting to), do not send texts longer than 1 or 2 short, concise sentences describing specific actions (not intentions). If you want to get into details with your guy, roleplay that in person, or in a phone conversation instead. A lot of content is lost in texting due to its limitations as a medium. Plus, if your guy ends up being not trustworthy, don't be surprised if screenshots of your texts (with your number) are plastered all over the interwebz." — Careful who you talk to, on Reddit.

Genius idea

"Get one of those dirty romance novels and type it out. Guys don't read those (straight guys anyway) so he won't know you're actually sending him somebody else's dirty prose." — Wisely use what is available to you, on Reddit.

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