Matthew Perry finally meets someone who has never seen Friends

Surprise, surprise

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: BBC America

In an episode of The Graham Norton Show, The Age of Innocence star Miriam Margolyes confesses that she's never seen Friends

More than a decade after Friends aired its last episode, there still exists a small minority of people in the entertainment scene who hasn't seen the hit television series: One of them's Miriam Margoyles. Revealed at a taping of British talk show The Graham Norton Show — where Matthew Perry and Margoyles were guests of — the British actress confessed to Perry that she's never seen Friends. Not even when it's airing in a hotel room, as host Graham Norton had suggested.

There's a method behind this mayhem. According to Margoyles, she never watched Friends because of a distasteful encounter with one of the show's founders, Marta Kauffman. Sheepishly sharing this trivia with Perry, Margoyles reassuringly touched his hand while he suggested showing her an episode in a hotel room.

Perry was on the talkshow to promote The End of Longing, his playwriting debut on the West End. He stars as one of the leads in the comedy of four people past their prime who find themselves entangled in relationships. Set in Los Angeles, it opened to mixed reviews last week.

Perry, like his co-star David Schwimmer — who's starring in the controversial new series American Crime Story as lawyer Robert Kardashian — has been quite the newsmaker recently. Comedy Central India has just put his character Chandler Bing back in the spotlight in a parody of Drake's Hotline Bling with Hotline Bing by piecing together some of the character's best Drake-like moves. Meanwhile, the rest of his Friends co-stars have been keeping busy with their respective projects, as well as a joint effort: Appearing in the NBC special An All Star Tribute To James Burrows in a mini reunion which will air in America today. By Monday, you'll probably be able to see some excerpts of it on YouTube.