The Crown returns this week, with all eyes on Matt Smith

The Crown returns this week, with all eyes on Matt Smith


Text: Kimberly Kiong

Image: Getty Images

With the second season of The Crown airing on 8 December, you can catch Matt Smith return as Prince Philip again

All eyes are on the royal family since the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Fuelling this attention, The Crown, the biographical drama series on the royal family will be back for its second season this on 8 December. One of our favourite characters, Matt Smith will reprise the role of Prince Philip in his youth. Raffish and jaunty, he was not one you'd initially consider the closest match to the comparatively more austere Prince, but the 35-year-old English actor has proved followers of the show otherwise.
Matt Smith Doctor Who
From starring as a gigolo in his first theatrical role in Fresh Kills to playing the whacky Doctor in the quintessentially British television series, Doctor Who, the acting chameleon has once again made a seamless transition into his role as Prince Philip. Smith's similarities in background to Prince Philip also made it easier for him to find a piece of his royal highness within himself.

In their younger years, both of them shared serious sporting endeavours. Smith was an aspiring professional footballer, having played for the youth teams of Northampton Town, Nottingham and Leicester City until an unfortunate back injury forced him to abandon the sport. Prince Philip also has a similar story to tell. He too left behind a life of action when he chose to marry Queen Elizabeth. He had an illustrious career in the Royal Navy when he served in World War Two, even becoming one of the youngest first lieutenants at age 21. 

It is with this empathy Smith brings to the table that has enabled him to understand the root of the Prince's own moral grounds and maverick nature – his turbulent childhood. Yet, that is not to say his royal highness's later life was more placid. He was entrenched in scandals that had fingers of infidelity pointed at him, which the upcoming season of The Crown will explore.

The Crown season two airs from 8 December on Netflix. Check out last week's #ManCrushMonday here.