#ManCrushMonday: Matt Damon

#ManCrushMonday: Matt Damon

Hollywood's Mr. Nice Guy

Text: Adibah Isa

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As Matt Damon returns to reprise his role as assassin Jason Bourne, we unearth 5 facts that make him all the more endearing. He is, after all, Hollywood's Mr. Nice Guy

1. Good Will Hunting was initially a college project
While studying English at Harvard, Matt Damon wrote an early draft of Good Will Hunting, which of course, went on to win the Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1997. Putting best bud Ben Affleck and himself on the map when he was just 28, the script was written when the buddies both dropped out of college.

2. Jason Bourne co-star Tommy Lee paid for his bills
Well, a job Lee gave him did. When Damon was out of money, a role in Lee's first movie he directed paid the young actor $20,000, which allowed him and Affleck the finances to continue writing Good Will Hunting. The job? A little-known cable TV movie.

3. He took his daughter to meet Prince
Ruining concerts for his now 18-year-old daughter for life (I mean, it doesn't get any better than Prince), Damon took his family backstage to meet the late Purple Rain legend at his concert in London some eight years ago. Upon meeting him, Damon asked Prince if he still lived in Minnesota. His reply? "I live inside my own heart, Matt Damon." Genius.

4. The A-list actor really wanted a role in Dead Poets Society
One of the most heartbreaking moments of his career was when he and Affleck were called back for the roles they auditioned for, but never got the job. When the movie eventually came out, they were both working at a movie theatre in Massachusetts and had to sit through the movies, "tearing tickets, serving popcorn." "That could have been us," he said sheepishly.

5. He'll only be a superhero if Affleck's involved
He's been to Mars and proved himself as a capable assassin, so surely a superhero role is in the cards. Not quite so. Damon would only take on a superhero role if Affleck's directing it. "If he was directing me, I'd jump on it in a New York minute. I'd love to work with Ben," he shares. "The problem with Ben is everytime he directs a movie, he gives himself the best role in it, so until he's willing to give up the best role to one of his friends, we're not going to get on with it."

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