What turns Matt Bomer on?


Text: Adibah Isa

With a last name like Bomer, this quiz has been in the cards for a while

Handcuffs, strip clubs and daddies — what exactly gives Matt Bomer a... boner? The 39-year-old father-of-three is making his press rounds in promotion of the new Amazon Prime series, The Last Tycoon. Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's final work, the series is set in 1930s Hollywood in the Great Depression. Bomer plays Monroe Stahr, the son of a powerful studio owner. Lily Collins and Kelsey Grammar also star.

But away from the more serious questions (you know, about craft, creative process and inspiration), host Andy Cohen really wanted to know what gives Bomer, a boner. Don't we all? Watch the clip above to see the charmer tackle the tougher questions in life.

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