Mark Wahlberg: Reviving your ultimate '90s crush

Mark Wahlberg: Reviving your ultimate '90s crush


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Before Mark Wahlberg was a bonafide movie star, he was Marky Mark, the CK boy responsible for good vibrations. Before you catch him in Transformers: The Last Knight, here are 10 throwback photos, just because

1. Boys just don't wear their caps backwards anymore


2. It's not a proper topless picture if there wasn't a hint of boxer shorts showing


3. The Calvin Klein dream duo of Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss definitely needs a comeback


4. Ah, the '90s, where pointing at the camera was deemed cool


5. Remember when models would flash their pearly whites for an underwear ad?


6. Not only were pointy poses popular, so were pseudo jazz hands


7. Marky Mark's beach strolls are anything but casual


8. This was what pain for pleasure looked like


9. Together forever, or else? Get that, Reese Witherspoon


10. The MTV generation worshipped the channel so much, they had to wear it


Transformers: The Last Knight will be shown in theatres from 22 June. Read about last week's #ManCrushMonday.