#ManCrushMonday: Tom Hardy

#ManCrushMonday: Tom Hardy

Rugged, not rough

Text: Tracy Phillips

Image: Getty Images

Tom Hardy's role in Mad Max: Fury Road leaves us in no doubt of his mancrush-worthy status

For our inaugural #ManCrushMonday, we shine our man-scope to the (anti)hero of the hour, Tom Hardy, who blew us away with his dauntless performance in Mad Max: Fury Road.

A few of us were sceptical of anyone trying to reprise the starring role made famous by Mel Gibson in the hit trilogy from the 80's, but Hardy's casting was spot on. The Brit turns in a gritty and beefed up performance, making the role his own: A very believable older Max, even more mad after decades of surviving a dystopian wasteland.

Tom Hardy at the Mad Max: Fury Road premiere in Hollywood

After watching such a thrilling performance, we had to ask ourselves: "Why had we not given this hunk of a man more attention before?" Promptly googling his name, we realised that we missed him in The Dark Knight Rises as the villain Bane — Hardy was barely recognisable behind his gas mask and over-developed trap muscles. But after looking at the repertoire of roles he's played, we take our hats off to the actor's chameleon-like approach to his craft. His ability to inhabit and disappear into his characters may have left him unnoticed as a celebrity, but we think it just underscores his mancrush-worthiness. We guarantee that after you catch him in Mad Max: Fury Road, you'll see it too.