#ManCrushMonday: Sam Claflin

British heartthrob

#ManCrushMonday: Sam Claflin
Whether he is Finnick Odair, Alex Stewart or Will Traynor, Sam Claflin’s boyish good looks have wiggled their way into our hearts. Here are five things about heartthrob Sam Claflin that will make you fall even harder for this Brit

1. He could be the new Hugh Grant
Everyone's said it — Sam Claflin looks a lot like Hugh Grant. Both Love, Rosie and Me Before You co-stars Lilly Collins and Emilia Clarke seem to think so.

Collins: "I think there are many things reminiscent of what was so appealing about Hugh Grant to me. Masculine energy but not afraid to make fun of himself and be goofy, I find that British actors do that more than American actors; it's that vulnerability that they have, they're not afraid to be vulnerable, but at the same time, they're dudes. The goofy factor — embracing it is very appealing."

Clarke: "I think he is today's Hugh Grant! The nice floppy hair and the endearing British smile."

2. He loves Game of Thrones
That's right — the movie star is as much a fan as we are. Sam Claflin even calls Clarke Khaleesi on set sometimes, just for the fun of it. The movie star revealed in a Twitter Q&A just how much he loves GoT. But did the mother of dragons share spoilers with her co-star? Nope, not even an iota.

3. He is a modern day trickster, and up for anything
Sam Claflin loves his pranks, that's for sure. Back when he was filming for Hunger Games, this modern day trickster, together with Josh Hutcherson, hijacked a chicken and hid it in Jennifer Lawrence's trailer. And on the set of Me Before You? Chow on this: To get Clarke back on a prank she played on him, Claflin stole every bit of his co-star's furniture, from couches, chairs, tables, mirrors and cushions, leaving behind only a lamp. 

4. His childhood dream was to be a football player.... and a pirate
Now, we can't imagine Claflin being anything but an actor, but true to his British roots, Claflin's first love is football. In a not so distant past, he was all set on becoming a professional football player till he broke his ankle. In an interview about his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, he also let slip about his childhood dream of being a pirate.

5. He smells good
We all know of the bond between Finnick and Mags in the Hunger Games... but do we really? With true dedication, we see Claflin carting Lynn Cohen (who plays Mags) around — but did you know of the perk in it for her? "She kept whispering in my ear that she liked how I smelled," revealed Claflin. That settles it — Sam Claflin smells good, even when he's sweaty from hoisting Mags all over the jungle. 

Text: Priscilla Tan

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