#ManCrushMonday: Joe Manganiello

#ManCrushMonday: Joe Manganiello

Hot and bothered

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

In anticipation of the release of Magic Mike XXL in theatres this Thursday, we focus our guilty pleasures on Joe Manganiello

The mere mention of Magic Mike can send women (and some men) reaching for their fans. It's a movie that's left many hot and bothered, and with its second installment releasing in theatres this Thursday, expect temperatures to soar. Sure, the Magic Mike series isn't exactly placed up there with the cinematic greats — The Guardian has billed it as "eye-catching if largely unsubstantial" — but it does give us a chance to unabashedly objectify men for once, all in the good name of cinema.

While Channing Tatum's the first-billed name in the movie, we're all for celebrating those on the sidelines — notably Joe Manganiello. Let's just take a moment to be entirely superficial here: this mister is a thriller. Even bombshell Sofia Vergara thinks so, she's engaged to him. One of Manganiello's first jobs in Hollywood (while waiting for his role as the school bully in Spider-Man) was as a bodyguard for rapper/actor Tyrese Gibson, and it shows. This hunk and chunk of a man returns in his role as stripper Big Dick Richie — and if that's any indication of his character's attributes, you're advised to prepare for some serious bulge. We're talking biceps of course... we're not that crude. 

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