#ManCrushMonday: Doctor Mike

#ManCrushMonday: Doctor Mike

Be still our hearts

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram | @doctor.mike
Image: Instagram | @firstgenerationfashion

No, we don't even know his last name. But we're more-than-taken with this 2nd year medical resident who puts the 'insta' in Instagram star

Single named monikers are usually reserved for the famous. Think Madonna, Beyoncé and now Mike. Dr. Mike to be precise. While the 2nd year medical resident (he is studying family medicine in New York and Miami) is not fully qualified, he's already won the interest of 720,000 Instagram followers (at last count). It's likely that this doctor has left more than a few breathless admirers and palpitating hearts in his wake. Here's what we learnt about this Russian-born American via his Instagram account.

He loves animals and kids
He has an adorable husky named Roxy who he got after his mum passed away. 

Dr Mike Husky

He has great hair
We dare you to disagree. And Dr. Mike, we see how you've cleverly blanked out your surname to keep stalkers at bay. Smart.

Instagram | @doctor.mike

He's perky
Even at 3am in the morning. Seriously how is it possible to look that good on that little sleep.

Dr Mike scrubs

He's tall 
Or his colleague is a hobbit. He looks like he could check the air vents without a ladder.

Dr Mike Tall

He's fit
Check him out paddleboarding for the first time. Dr Mike also poses topless on tennis courts, in case you were wondering.

Dr Mike Wakeboarding

He's dreamy
His patients must find his gaze mildly hypnotic. Even before the drugs. Look into the eyes. The eyes...the eyes... the eyes... not around the eyes.

Pensive Dr Mike 

He is dapper
Check him out rocking this cobalt suit. Looks, smarts, style and heart. He's the full package.

Dr Mike in a blue suit

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